The Rock Church Worship Service


Your Grace Is Enough
Everlasting God

Puppet show – Beattitudes


The Rock used to be at a Marriott hotel, body builders outside sometimes, etc
Shannon was worship leader
Jon and Matt Kennedy played bongos
Shari and Lori took over the Children’s Ministry when leader dropped out two weeks before launch
The Rock is 7 years old

Shari Milewski


Why the Marriott
Approached the school system (that’s what you do)…they kept saying no, even going so far as to say that you will never be at a school ever…now we have the keys and they have to ask us to use this facility
2002 they started praying Tuesday nights for the city
Walked every square inch of this community
Helping Jane DeGiacamo over a fence and she’s wondering why
Johnathon Smith offered their facility at Pacific Christian Center in 2003
They shat in a circle
Kirk Wheats said it’s not looking good with 12 people
Family received two houses in MB from a will, sold them and cut a check to The Rock
Then Shannon got cancer
And the administration said we can’t make it, we’re shutting it down
January 2009 is Shannon’s 5th year cancer-free
Feb 2004 hired Paul Duncan as worship leader

Paul Duncan

Easter 2004…not a hard time for a worship leader
Did it because there was a need, not out of commitment…wanted the spotlight
Started meeting people that he felt he could get behind
Felt his life wasn’t headed down a right path….choosing now over the kingdom
Questioned his morality
Occasionally turned down worship gigs because he wasn’t in a good place
God puts people in position before they’re ready…the position prepares the person
Met his wife here


Didn’t have the funds for a worship Leader
February 2004 brought Lori on
The Children’s ministry has grown incredibly
The Rock has taken a LOT of steps in faith
Matt and Grace were on staff at PCC
Things went awry and Matt and Grace got hired here
Then PCC kicked the church out
The week before that, Brian found a $50,000 check in the PO box from a family that didn’t even go here
Nicole Severe asked if we could meet at Pacific Elementary School and principle said yes
Started across the street in January 2006 while they were prepping this facility

Matt Kladnik

The story of the church is a love story
Youth ministry built on prayer
Used to be a cry for youth of the church, evolved into youth of the city


How did you end up here?
March 1st 2005 Carrie George
John Delgado is a passionate, fiery, Italin who pushed Rolling Hills to create a church in MB
Our heart is to be redemptive
Jeremiah 29
March 1st, 2009 Membership class

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