Debby Boone Sings Rosemary Clooney

Wait, what? Debby Boone doesn’t have enough material for two acts so we get the Pops Symphony Orchestra doing a hoedown? This is just weird….enjoyable, but weird

Trinity River Rambling Breakdown Style Fiddle Playing


For Ken Burns’ Civil War
Scottish lament by a Jewish guy from the Bronx


A classical piece of music studied all over the world

Oklahoma Crude

1973 film, Faye Dunaway, George C. Scott, directed by Stanley Kramer
Brilliant versatility by Henri Mancini

Fiddlin’ Around skipped?

Old Timey Medley

A sailor’s life is the life for me
Puddle prance!!!


Concentrate on you

Cole Porter

I’ll Go My Way

Nelson Riddle

More Than you Know

Vincent Yoman

Moon River

6 years since we lost Rosemary
She bequeathed all her arrangements to Debby…and this dress
Edith Head designed it
Singer’s salute to the songwriters at the dorothy chandler pavillion
Written for her the year the tribute was for Johnny Mercer

Blue Skies

John Otto worked with Rosemary
Beverly Hilton tribute to Rosemary
Rosemary sang it all the time and even recorded it acapella for first grandson Jordan so he could play it on his Playskool recorder
Big finish

Come rain or come shine

Great arrangement…nice and up-tempo

So lonesome I could cry

Concord Records (worked a lot with Rosemary) asked Debby to do a tribute CD
Not a history – Bette Midler already did that
Important to bring up country music
1951 Beautiful Brown Eyes
Hank Williams tune Have It Your Way
Red Foley was her maternal grandfather
Half As Much duet with Rosemary
On a Saturday night
Another Red Foley piece

That’s When The Old Grey Cloud Burst

Joined Rosemary Clooney’s White Christmas Party
Gabriel stage managed and lost all his hair
Rosemary never warmed up…bah dah and one good cough and here we go

Let Me start again

Drums Dave Raticheck
Bass Chuck Berghoffer
Home photo montage

Never entered my mind

They both had a crush on Frank Sinatra
Opened for him in Atlantic City
Frank and Rosemary could both expertly interpret a song and shared a love for Nelson Riddle

From this moment on (Finale)

You Light Up My Life (Encore 1)

Might As Well Be Spring (Encore 2)

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