The Rock Church Worship Service


Psalm 40
I Adore You
Good To Me
Came To My Rescue
Good To Me chorus


Manoj and Alexis were approved to be adopters last Wednesday…3 Y.O. daughter to be named Ellis Todalu, 1 Y.O. son to be named Micah Gamachu

Fri Jan 23 6pm Joint fellowship with other churches
Journey of faith this week
Need volunteers

Sat training at kings harbor
Volunteered the church to sell soda/snacks

Talking about the church
Being “us”
Next week Grace will talk about how we all fit in
Plumb line???
Center in on what church is
Built of bodies, not bricks (Paul)
Satan has made it ok to “go” to church
But then we can leave
We need to be the church everywhere
Paul Duncan is a Titans fan
Home colors? Red, white and blue
Away colors? Same…touché
Tension about what the church says
Church shouldn’t be exclusive but inclusive
Don’t care what you’ve done wrong or right…just that you want to pursue God
Pro-life Christians bombing abortion clinic
Hate the sin not the sinners hating gays and lesbians
Pastors caught in infidelity
Televangelists sell holy bottles water and other trinkets
Settling for writing a check
Love and hate
Bless and curse
Do what we say, not what we do
Let’s take responsibility for the church’s decline
We take for granted asking for forgiveness
Let’s repent

Collective agreement to change is important
Trying to make something ours instead of His
We’re part of the solution
We love the church, we want to be part of the solution, we want to go down with the ship bailing water out
Acts 2:42-47
The early church was praying, growing, serving, etc
Talk to someone about the church, you’ll get a lot of things that the church is against
But what is the church for?
Head scratched
The Kingdom is inclusive
Jon likes Whole Foods, Matt likes The Dollar Store
You can feel God’s leading
Talked to the small business owner
At the end, Grace asks if they could pray for him and he said yes
We have opportunities to be The Kingdom, see the glass as half full
The early church focused on community
Tiny moments of church happening all around us…planting seeds around us
Peter (Cephas) was an unlikely candidate for a church planter
Peter shows leadership qualities for going there and giving it a chance
Who do they say I am? Who do you say I am? Peter confesses that You are the Christ the denies Him
Peter is a wonderful example of success/failure rollercoaster
If we’re going to be a redeeming presense in the community, there has to be some redemption
Matt used to work as a can sorter in Oregon
Peter learned from his mistakes
We have a chance to paint a picture of what the church is for, not what it’s against


Peter's Confession
You are the Christ, the promised one


Let’s be for the church
For people and their having a purpose in their life

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