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The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul chorus Jon Manoj and Alexis were approved to be adopters last Wednesday…3 Y.O. daughter to be named Ellis Todalu, 1 Y.O. son to be named Micah Gamachu Fri Jan 23 6pm Joint fellowship with other churches Journey of faith this week Need volunteers Sat training at kings harbor 1-4pm Volunteered the church to sell soda/snacks Talking about the church Being “us” Next week Grace will talk about how we all fit in Plumb line??? Center in on what church is Built of bodies, not bricks (Paul) Satan has made it ok to “go” to church But then we can leave We need to be the church everywhere Paul Duncan is a Titans fan Home colors? Red, white and blue Away colors? Same…touché Tension about what the church says Church shouldn’t be exclusive but inclusive Don’t care what you’ve done wrong or right…just that you want to pursue God Pro-life … Continue reading →