He’s Just Not That Into You

A delightful (if fractured) romantic comedy. I found myself frequently dwelling on romantic comedies I’ve seen recently (primarily the DVD’s of Zach Braff in The Last Kiss and Ryan Reynolds in Definitely Maybe). I call the movie fractured because while the movie did a fairly decent job of making me care about the characters, there were almost too many relationship threads to keep track of. On top of that, there were these almost random “chapter” breaks were the screen went black, they displayed some white text and them had some “real people tell a somewhat amusing anecdode about the text…it was kind of funny, but it disjointed the movie.

There was a part in the movie (one of the “chapters”) where these two women were talking about break-up lines an it suddenly occurrd to me that I had actually heard some of those lines when being broken up with (although in retrospect, it was really my fault)…is that sad? Yeah, I think that’s sad… 😉

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