Liam Neeson stars as Brian, a former spy, whose daughter gets kidnapped on a trip to Europe (I mean she’s not too incredibly dumb, but her slutty friend is an absolute idiot).

As I was watching the film and considering what fictional characters I had seen similar to Brian, Laura pointed out that he’s basically a film noir anti-hero…someone whose methods you don’t fully support but whom you still root for…that allowed me to connect Brian with Jack Bauer (24) and John Clark (Tom Clancy)…but it wasn’t until after the movie that I started connecting the role with Jason Statham (Transporter, Crank)…and it just intrigued me because it must have been the large amount of dramatic elements to the story that made me lose sight of Statham’s movies…maybe because I believed Neeson’s drama more than Statham’s…

There are several incredible moments in this high octane drama that just had me giggling with glee for some of the things Brian was about to do…what can I say, I’m sick an twisted 😉

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