Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier

Slow start, then it starts building to a fever pitch…

The deluxe edition of the version that I read included the author’s original epilogue, an article she wrote several years later about the house that inspired this novel, and a note from the author that planted a theory in my head. See, the author started writing the book and got two chapters done…but then she put it away for a few months or something and then started writing it again when she felt she “had a better grip on the story”. My theory is that this leads to a kind of disjointedness in the first part of the book that made it very difficult to read…took me almost 6 months to finish it! But I’m definitely glad I read the book…it is a timeless romance/horror and I can’t wait to check out the Hitchcock adaptation (although I suspect it may be a little looser than I can appreciate, I’m sure it won’t be another Dreamcatcher*).

*It’s a Stephen King novel that I really liked and the movie disappointed me.

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