The Producers – MTW

A+ for the cast, D- for the technical

Maybe it was that day’s performance…maybe the economy forced their hand…or maybe they shelled out way too much money for the cast (most of whom did the show on Broadway, in Las Vegas, or both) and had to hire a deficient tech crew that hobbled together a set out of spit and bailing wire (MacGyver they ain’t)* and forgot half their cues…I don’t know!

The most disappointing thing about this production is Ulla’s “tidy up” gag. Near the end of Act 1, Max and Leo hire a hot Swedish girl as their secretary/receptionist. They instruct her to tidy up the office. When everyone comes back for Act 2, the entire office and furnishings are painted white, and when asked when she did all this, Ulla says intermission. At least that’s what happened on Broadway, in the movie adaptation and every national tour…not here…Ulla hung new curtains and flowers…and that’s it!!!!! It’s like they didn’t even put any effort into it!!! And it was so disappointing after such a fantastic Act 1!

Also: weird jump cut during Heil Myself; the Keep It Gay scene was just a little too long for Laura’s and mine pace sensibilities; the cat sound FX in Never Say Good Luck On Opening Nifht was NOT Mel Brooks; the tilted-mirror-schwastika in Springtime for Hitler was an epic failure;

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