42nd Street – Rose Center for the Performing Arts

Great individual performances, horrible combination.

Great sounding tracked orchestra. Oscar was a real piano player with bad hair (not period hair I mean), and also played weird interludes during the barfly scene. Speaking of that scene, Abner Dillon wasn’t heavyset with a handlebar mustache, so he was a cobra and a hick instead of cobra and a walrus….boo! Although the theatre was well used because they had a balcony set piece for Dorothy’s hotel room. And speaking of the balcony, they cut the doctor scene at the top of Act 2 and opened with Sunny Side (To Every Situation)…what the deuce! And the worstest part is after Sunny Side they ran up to the other balcony where they could have done the damn doctor scene!!!! WTFH!?!?!?!!!! Just doesn’t make any damn sense…

Oh! And they mixed up Shuffle Off To Buffalo! Traditionally, Bert Barry gets married to Anytime Annie and Maggie Jones plays the sarcastic older woman saying “Matrimony is baloney”, etc. But for whatever reason, Bert marries Maggie and then Annie who doesn’t look like she has the age/experience to say marriage is crap, says marriage is crap! It just doesn’t make any sense.

The tap dancing was good…Peggy Sawyer was good…Billy Lawler was good…

Billy’s character in “Pretty Lady” got shot which is the traditional ending which I heartily approve of…but there were just so many annoying things… 🙁

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