The Rock Church Worship Service


Famous One
Kennedy Family Dedication
Holy Is The Lord
Anthem To The King
You Are So Good To Me


Exo 3:8
God comes down to us
Brought Moses to rescue Israel
1 Peter 2:9
Not race or class nor gender, but a new community
To make His name known through us
Bring people out of darkness and into the light
Can’t stay in a safe place, must go to the pagan land
Not really milk and honey but agrarian flourishment
Middle East had milk land (sheep/goatherds) and honey land (farmer)
Bee honey and fig/date/fruit-tree honey
Two regions
Milk west of Dead Sea, Honey east (Negev region) – where they wandered
Wilderness means test of faith
What it means to rely completely on God
Had to learn dependance…discipleship
40 is significant number/period of time
40 days from resurrection to acenscion – talked about the Kingdom
Land of honey is where God rewards steps of faith
Out of the land of milk into land of honey
I know I cannot make it this day without God
If you have a tight hold of His hand, you will represent me
Luke 4:18-19
God is preparing us to make a difference in society
Had to depend on God completely
Tempted by pagan rituals around them
Got sucked into pagan culture and became just like everyone else…complaining, bickering
Begin to let go of God and wander in the land of honey
When our little systems don’t work and we have to trust God, we start to panic
Tough to wake up in our current reality and not thank God for every breath
Jeremiah 2:2
Waddi is a valley which is gritty and rough caused by flows of water
Matt 7:24-27
But a lot of our houses are built on sand
Perhaps Jesus is talking about building our house in a waddi
Putting our faith in inadequate things: people, systems, things we think can save us but really can’t
$50,000 check to The Rock Church is a good thing
We’re small, but we fight way above our weight class
When objects of desire get washed away, we sometimes get washed away with them
Youth of the City is a big part of that
Men’s Ministry
Women’s Ministry
Gods fingerprints on our walls
Uganda Ministry
Out of land of faith into land of influence
Where do I go for life?
What is my heart linked to? Is it built on rock or in waddi’s?
Am I building my life on You Lord? Or on things that will wash away?


Lord, I Give You My Heart

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