Avenue Q – OCPAC

Yay! We got Brian Benoit (the original Trekkie Monster, et al.)! I was lucky enough to see him AND John Tartaglia when I first saw the show in Vegas (before it was trimmed down to 90 minutes), and it’s awesome that he loves doing the show so much that he’s now on the national tour. Great production. Obviously I can (and will) complain about things, but first and foremost, I had a great time!

Why didn’t the orchestra play the final hit of “My Girlfriend Who Lives In Canada”? Rod was even sitting there waiting for it?!?!?!

Why were lyrics cut from “Schadenfreude”?

Straight-A students getting B’s? Ex-es getting STD’s? Watching tourists reading maps? Seeing doormen taking naps? CEO’s getting shackled? Watching actors never reach the endings of their Oscar speech?

Brian and Christmas Eve didn’t say that they sold all their wedding gifts for money…

Why didn’t the ensemble get a bow? I mean I can understand from a certain point of view how they’d essentially just be viewed as glorified techies that help the show run smoothly, handling puppets, etc. But one of the ensemble members came up to the Third Tier with a Nicky puppet during “The Money Song” and I thought it was a really impressive and immersive thing to do (I suspect there was also a puppet/ensemble member on the Second and First Tiers). So why didn’t they get a bow? Because they’re glorified techies and techies don’t get bows. But at least they’re also understudies and will probably get their chance in the spotlight.

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