The Rock Church Worship Service


Lord You Never Let Go Of Me
None But Jesus


Holy Spirit this week
2 weeks ago- listening to the voice of God
1 weeks ago- spiritual warfare
John 8:31-32
Where’s all the freedom? We know the truth, where’s our freedom.
Psalm 51:6
We remember negative things and deflect positive things
What happens when the Holy Spirit pushes truth into our innermost being
Do you believe that your heart matters to God?
Our needs, our concerns, our fears
Isaiah 61:1-3
Luke 4
Jesus’ mission: Restore people’s hearts
Take passages of scripture like these and repeat them out loud…
Gal 5:25
Proverbs ?:?
Jesus wants to replace false ideas with truth
Isaiah 45:2-3
Takes the work of God’s creation
What is He up to in my life
John 14:16
It’s like Jesus said, we need a constant counselor
Goal of a family: to see glory, encourage it and release it upon the world
1 Samuel 17:28
Assault on the heart
Later called a man after God’s own heart
Turns his back on Jesus and goes fishing
Jesus repeats their first encounter
Then they have a cookout
Jesus needs to heal Peter’s heart first
Do you love me? x3
In order to heal you I must wound you
We need to know that our hearts matter to God

Proverbs 20:5
Counselors, friends, spouses, parents
As we do relationships, what are we looking for?
Fig leaves discussion with Tim Morrey (Torrance pastor)
Elaborate fig leaves to hide behind
Hiding behind achievements, false self
This can’t be all their is to this person: I want to go deeper
If this is Adam or Eve, what’s missing? Kindness perhaps
3. We do not turn relationships into projects
I want to go after your heart
What am I offering to this person?
Glory released or past sins exposed?
We can beat each other up over past sins, but that doesn’t get us to glory
This will cause wounds
Wounds based on lies
We create agreements with these lies and build up a false self, an even more elaborate fig leaf
What are the wounds keeping you from doing?
Recurring wound since teenager
The devil keeps pressing that button
Come Holy Spirit, come
God wants our heart


I Receive

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