Bronzeville – The New LATC

Delightful straight play about an African American family that moves to California after the Japanese internment of the 1940’s, allowing them possession of an interred family’s house with one caveat…a young American man from that Japanese family has evaded internment by hiding in the attic! Now this family must adjust to this new surrogate family member in a situation akin to the plight their culture found itself in before Emancipation…a desperate struggle for freedom against an oppressive government.

Meet the Goodwins:

Patriarch Jodie, leading his family West from Mississippi to Los Angeles;

His grandmother Janie, the aging matriarch and reigning chef of the house;

His brother Felix who won’t be forced into the military just because the family has a history of fighting for a country that doesn’t recognize their rights…he just wants to play jazz;


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