The Rock Church Worship Service


Everlasting God
Your Love Oh Lord


5/2 Sharefest
5/14 police tribute with Paul Duncan, Kieran, and Matt, 9 am
Women’s retreat this weekend
Beach day for no retreaters
Tomorrow night Rubio’s fundraiser 3-9 pm
Palos Verdes, Torrance, Manhattan Beach
Bottles and cans for Uganda trip
Encourage each other with the singing of hymns


Our God Saves
Came to my Rescue
Redemption?? Maybe after sermon?


Young man built a house, started filling it with kids
House gets rundown
Father wants the kids to be a part of construction
Process of doing all things
Redemption –
Tikkun Olam
To fix, restore / everything that is broken
To put together back into harmony everything that is broken
Opposite of God? Not Satan…Chaos, or Hell
Everyone brought some chaos of their life into church
Roman emperors claimed deity and demanded worship
New Testament letters are in that realm of being subversive
Ephesus, AD 80, Demition took deity worship more seriously
Marks on their hands or forehead
On a stone staircase in an excavation found a carving of a fish, icthus, with the words Jesus Christ
Christians created chaos against Rome
Christians wonder why God would take John away from them
On Patmos, God gives a dream to John that basically says things are going to get worse
Revelation and Gospel verses
Relationship chaos
Rev 1:9-20
No matter how chaotic it gets, God is seated on a throne over the entire universe
What we need daily, to protect us from chaos, is this truth.
God’s power over it all is the saving vision
Don’t get caught up in what CNN says
We need to be reminded everuly (sp?)
Rev 2:2-3
Desperately coming together to worship
Vision needs to be followed by a call of action
Matthew 3:13-17
Water represents chaos
Chaos since the beginning
Ruach hakodesh
Ruach – Wind
Ha – The
Kodesh – Holy
The holy wind
Dove hovering
Light is a wave
Trying to understand what God did
Let there be order out of chaos
Workings of the human body
God said everything was good
Satan, king of chaos, leads us to take the world and throw it back into chaos
Everyone is in some kind of chaos
Isaiah – poor are chaos
Saw the spirit of god hovering over chaos
Jesus comes up to the moving river and steps into the chaos with us
I want to be in your brokenness
I know what it’s like to be betrayed by friends
My earthly father will die
Restoring order by joining in the chaos
Luke 4 – healing diseases
Treats women with respect, honors the poor
Luke 7:18-28
John’s in Herod’s prison
Are you the one who is to come or shall we look for another
Quotes Zechariah 9:9
9:11 says prisoner salvation, but Jesus remezed that out of His reply to John
John dies in prison
We’re not here to be entertained or fill a seat or boost Jon’s ego
God’s holy spirit dove rested on the people
Fixing that which has been devastated
Enter into this vision of God on the throne
Have time for the people of the church


Agnus Dei

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