MooNiE and BrooN – Nine O’Clock Playhouse, Los Angeles

Moonie as broon and broon as moonie
Straightjacket escape – 1st time in 5 years or so
Bed of nails used the spotlights to an amusing end
Guitar and Saw Jam Session

Can operate his cell phone
Regular Coke
Lucky Brand
Diet Coke
Mother often calls him Jeff/Geoff
Leaky basement
I staring at you right now
Said “Hey, Tom” to Tom Cruise
Squirrel infested garage
Has shrapnel in his chest
Secretly thinks he’s more talented than the other
Thought this quiz was a stupid idea
Nicknamed “Doobie” as a boy
Never been to Alabama
Brain swelled up once
Has mad ice sculpting skillz
Woke up once in a tent in a river

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