The Rock Church Worship Service


Be The Air
Hosanna (Lindy)


VBS July 13,15,17 9am-12pm


Anthem To The King
All I Need Is You
I will learn to love / I will learn to believe You
Be The Center

Guest Speaker: Mick Wilson, Jon’s brother-in-law

Suffering part 2
Liver tumors benign, ovary lesions benign
Rapids will come, suffering will happen
Do we have the ability to look ahead and think clearly as they hit?
Isaiah 43:2
If you get thrown, here’s how to survive
Fire on you is not fun
1 Peter 4:12
Refining fire
Pure metal and dross (what burns off)
Exposes idols, false trusts
1 Peter 1
Three things
Look back, forward and into
Standing meetings are quick meetings
Suffering can increase your faith
Faith proved genuine
Look back at Shadrach
Daniel 13
Son of God walking
“His love held out, and He resolved even then, in the midst of His agony, to yield Himself up to the will of God, and to take the cup and drink it” -Jonathon Edwards
Separation from God involves separation from light and life, is darkness
Looks at what He will go through and says “Yes”
Not trite about suffering
Open will, free will, open theism, it’s a mystery
No clear answers as to why in the Bible
There are not answers in the Bible
Peter talks about the prophets
Amos 9:11
Nahum 2:2
Joel 3:1
Zephaniah 3:20
Matthew 19:28
Palinggenesia – Paling (new) genesia (creation, genesis)
Pure, unfading, imperishable
Acts 3:21
A new genesis, a renewal
Revelation 21:4-5
Throne is key
Center of Revelation
Not making new things, making everything new
– Look into something –
v. 12 – For even the angels long to look into these things
The Gospel
Epiphenia – passion, lust, desire
Not just how to become a Christian
Jesus lived the life we should have lived and died the death we should have died
Scott and Andrea Sward (January 2008)
People with a glory and presence about it
Go talk to him…2 hours later
Seminary grads, going to Cambodia was an 8 year passion
February 4th, 2008 – Car rolls
Boy killed
2 of three missionaries killed, 3rd broke her neck, wife in a coma (now has massive scars), husband in hospital
Cruising along when a wave came up and smashed them against the rocks
Like a warm blanket violently ripped off
Safe in the center of Gods will
Chucked Christianity out the window, darkest hour, but then an unexplainable love of God welled up
Faith is a gift
Wrestling with God all night
Cambodian woman walked into his room and said “I’m a Christian because of missionaries like you”
The cross is the safest place – a God who suffers for us and with us
God is in the business of redeeming – making things new
God meets you in the darkest places
1 Corinthians 11:23-26
Child psychologist on monsters in the closet and nightmares
Don’t give 4 year old’s answers (there’s no monsters in the closet), they can’t understand that – hold them and be with them
You need the body
There is a renewal coming for what Christ did
Grace, not I hate thee or I hate me
We have a sovereign God who walked and walks through our fires with us


How Deep The Father's Love

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