The Rock Church Worship Service


With special guest violinist/mandolin player
All Creatures Of Our God And King (violin, lindy)
Holy One (mandolin, fast lindy/charleston)


There’s a story in Exodus about Moses (I would hope so!)


'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus (mandolin)
Blessed Assurance (mandolin/violin)
Everything (violin)
Your Love Endures Forever (mandolin)

John Teeler (sp?)

Fountain of Life Covenant Church
Church down the street
Friends with the Lakers band
Knowing God’s heart
Didn’t grow up in the church (want to watch Popeye)
Father died early in a gliding accident
Lost the
Christian club wrote a 5-page letter saying he had a 1:1 chance of not going to church
Smoking, drinking, partying wasn’t the problem, it was a solution
Late afternoon, surfing accident on a huge day, caught in a rip current
Comes to the realization that today I’m going to die
Two things popped: mom lost dad 5 years ago; already paid for prom limo
Prayed: God if you’re real, help me
Red buoy, dolphin man helps him to shore and disappears
3 years later, he ran into Dave Palmer from Sacramento Bible College
Mother’s Day, May 1992 (year after the riots)
Asked God about saving him
Inner small voice says: Psalm 18:19
Rescued because I delight in you
This is God’s heart
Poor connected with God over 3,000 times
Luke Mary’s Song, 4:16
The way up is down in the kingdom of Heaven
The world is upside down, God is turning it rightside up
Sends the rich away empty handed
Revolution is the theme
10 meter mark has a flag, reminder of wall, 2 strokes and flip turn
Luke is a flag to our world
A turn is coming
Friend did a doctoral study connecting African AIDS orphans with American inner cities
Fatherlessness is an epidemic in America
Fathers that just aren’t there
Psalms 10
Revolution has begun
Luke 1-3
Elizabeth and Sarah
Anna and Simeon
Ragtag shepherds
Old timers
Difference between Jesus and Uncle Sam? Sam only wants the healthy, Jesus wants the sick
Luke 4 is the Jerry Maguire moment
Sending out the message
Finances, education, gender, purity of health, occupation: these five determined whether you were in or out
1900, 8% lived in urban centers, now 55%
Cain goes to the first city???
New York didn’t have a church for 15 years
Shanghai has 30% more skyscraper than New York
God takes vulnerability and makes you strong
United By Faith: Emerson
8% of American churches are multicultural
80% cultural is a multicultural church
Tax collectors
Women at the well
Blind man
Widow at Mane (sp?)
Nicodemus asks how, not why
Depends on perspective
If you’re marginalized, good news
If you’re elite, not so good
Widow at Zeraphith
Is Luke 4 good news for you?
Intervarsity campus preacher at USC
USC is the Luke 16 gates
Poor man at the rich mans gates
Go down to skid row
Police think they’re crazy
Befriended homeless community
Gatorade, PB&J, clothes
Beth Ann, freshman was doing PB&J, ran out of bread
Half the line to go
Beth Ann quoted Jesus’ friends said we ran out of bread -> feeding the 5000
Latino man showed up in Lincoln Continental with leftover Panera bread
Moved to CSUDH Intervarsity
75 separate ministries at UCLA
CSUDH – 60% campus is diverse
1 church – Christ Cult from 60 Minutes
Homeless man accosted him – We don’t want you here
Church plant 5 years later
Suburban and urban
Snitches get stitches?
Master in computers?


What shall we do?
July 6th Family Center 710/405
July 10th VBS
Don’t have to go far to find needy people


July 6th is a big day
A few go to Africa, a lot go to Long Beach
We are His hands and feets
God Of This City

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