The Rock Church Worship Service


You Know
Praise Goes Out To You
Our God Saves
I Adore You
I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever


God’s love is raining down on you…

Celebrate graduates

Idea of change and transitional times
Academic graduation occurs, but there are pivotal non-academic changes: getting married, choosing a career, moving, etc
Grad time is bittersweet: youth ministers say goodbye to old students and hello to new students
His metabolism has changed…can’t just eat anything anymore
Used to be able to be conscious of what he ate – “think about it and lose weight”
Pre-emptive workout run this morning
Jeans with elastic waistbrand
These things are gonna slide right off
Argued with mom to no avail
Don’t want to be in junior high wearing Osh Kosh
Transition is hard
Choose to apply or deny what God is saying in our lives
Tons of chances to transition, but early adopters get better benefits
Samuel and Eli
1 Samuel 3:1-18
God is more of a Simon Cowell than a Paula Abdul
Words are far and few between, stern and full of correction
Matt said he hated dentists and possums
Just possums now
Churches get creepy at night
Slaughterhouse made of gold
Very late/early in the morning and Samuel faithfully wakes up when called
True transformation through obedience to deliver the message
Samuel ran to a different source three times
Can we hear His voice and discern it from all the others?
Romans 12:1-2
Attitude, lifestyle change
No high five from Eli
God had to use a 12 year old boy to get the point home…and that was the 2nd warning!
God doesn’t want a new hat and t-shirt
He wants a metamorphosis, on the inside
He wants our actions to be renewed
Have our minds transformed by God
Samuel has to deal with Saul and David
His graduation at 12 helps him prepare for the future
Samuel could have found the easy way out, but he was obedient
So deep in our hearts that it changes our actions
Psalm 25:4
Transition into a period of transformation
Purpose in our hearts that God’s gonna do something amazing this summer…deliver hard messages
Awesome responsibilty to work with your family and co-workers

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