Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (IMAX) – AMC Del Amo 18

The best praise I can give this movie is that I liked it better than the first one. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy or like this movie (which I did), but I wasn’t on fire to see it in the first place and basically I was pleasantly surprised. My problems with the first movie are pretty well described by VG Cats: “You have one token human, then make way for the f*#$ing robots”. Sure I laughed at the parents and at Shia LeBouf and Megan Fox…but I REALLY hated John Tuturro and Anthony Anderson…they were very annoying. I mean I even got annoyed at Jon Voight whom I love (not only is he a proud conservative in Hollywood he is an enjoyable actor), which just isn’t fair. The whole subplot with the government trying to decode the alien language was garbage as well. This movie starts off better (as most franchise sequels do) by just announcing that the Autobots are working with the US government to fight the Decepticons.

I very much enjoyed the Twins: Skids (who is voiced by Tom Kenny AKA SpongeBob who also voices the entertaining RC monster truck, Wheelie, even though he mysteriously disappears in Egypt) and Mudflap (voiced by Reno Wilson). Laura informed me that there was some exaggerated puffery about racial stereotypes and casting, but that doesn’t make sense to us because Tom Kenny is white! Le sigh liberals…

I also liked Jetfire. I really wish we could have a vintage Transformers series that takes place in the 20’s, but that will never happen…sigh.

Spoiler Alert! (place and hold your mouse over the bar to see)

Sure the death of Optimus was delightfully dramatic; I just knew that his resurrection would happen. Because at the end of the day, Hasbro needs more toys to sell. So they kill off your favorite characters and add to the mythology an ancient power that not only resurrects said characters but enhances them into practically a brand new character that everybody will now need to complete their collection. "No Mommy, this is Optimal Optimus Prime…he has wings now because Jetfire sacrificed himself to repair Optimus!" Oh well…

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