Public Enemies – AMC Del Amo 18

I enjoyed this film very much. I love Johnny Depp and the “story” of John Dillinger presented is visceral and refreshing to watch. He may not have exactly been a noble Robin Hood, but he had a code of honor that is more and more rare in today’s society (unlike Troy).

I like Michael Mann. Well I mean I didn’t see Miami Vice, but that’s because I wasn’t interested and had no vested stake in a movie version of a TV show I’ve never seen. I saw Collateral first, liked it, then went back and saw Heat and liked it as well.

It’s exciting how realistic Michael Mann films look like…so visceral and gritty.

Yay! Filmed all in America!

Yay David Wenham! Sure he’s a character on the periphery of Dillinger’s life, but yay Faramir!

Pretty clothes!

I want to watch Manhattan Melodrama now!

Spoiler Alert! (place and hold your mouse over the bar to see)

I was surprised that the FBI agent nicknamed fat boy was allowed to remain on the job after he smacked around Johnny’s girl…even the grizzled veteran crime buster knows you don’t do that. I love when he pins fat boy against the wall…so vindicating!


According to one of my friends:
Mann knows what gunfire sounds like in different environments and it carries through really well.
Gross historical inacurracies: Pretty Boy Floyd outlived Dillinger and Babyface Nelson didn’t die in the woodsy shootout.
Mann apparently caught a lot of crap for filming entirely in HD, but it looks AMAZING!

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