The Rock Church Worship Service


How Great Is Our God
Salvation Is Here
All Who Are Thirsty
Consuming Fire


Ezekiel 47:1-12
Theme in the whole book
Vision given to a people in the desert when the temple has been destroyed
Cleanse themselves in Living Water
Babylon destroyed the temple and took Israel into captivity
Living water poured out over the altar
Ezekiel 19:13
Planted in wilderness for disobedience
They know where they are…something deeper
God’s reminder goes deeper
The image is a metaphor for God
Revelation 1:15
like the roar of many waters
The water brings life and healing
Where God flows, there is life and healing
Land of Pharoah
Land of Canaan
Land of the desert – where God lives
Bigger than location or idea – metaphor
Deeper in the desert, closer to God – Rabbi Akeva
40 years of wandering…for what?
Complained about food and water-never the heat or the dangers
Wadi – canyon in the desert that can quickly flood and fill it
Had to know where you were and what season it was
Pools of still water that looked life giving could wipe you away
Natural springs, still waters were safe an looked the same
Sheep couldn’t tell the difference
God cautioned His sheep – know how and where I’m leading you
As you draw from different sources, do you have a teacher/mentor that os aiding you?
Be aware of where you are at and where you stand
When you live there, you become part of the buzz
God dwells in desert land
Why? And why does He have us there? To teach us to rely on Him
Ararra tree – Lucious pieces of fruit, full of pollens and webs, poison juice glistening on the outside
Jeremiah 17:5-6
Translated as shrub or bush
Dwell in parched places
We live in a culture of ararra trees
So many people are hollow on the inside
Are we trying to do it ourselves? Or are we learning to trust God?
Acacia trees are planted by the water
Living water reaching the roots
Does not cease to bear fruit
Text is asking us desert questions
What are YOU to the people in your life? Where you go do you bring life, healing?
Broom tree
Ezekiel runs from Jezebel
Sits under tree for shade – provided by God, the very shade of God
Still place of life and fullness in the desert
Where can I go to draw life?
If you haven’t been there…you will be.
Psalm 121:5
When you’re at your wits end – God will provide just enough shade to take one more step
Problem with Western Christianity
Joy, peace, happiness, fullness of life in Jesus
Can you experience that in the desert? YES! That’s where God dwells
Tikkun Alam
We do community together to provide broom trees to other people
As we do life together, pass along life
Isaiah 40
Don’t forget to read this passage!
Going to walk through the desert with you
Little jagged stones called people
Annoying people, annoying relationships
We step on them and they iritate – sharp, dull, beautiful
Some rocks crush us
Pathbfrom Jerocho to Jerusalem
Very narrow road
Walkthe path together or alone and we have to navigate through
Taking a walk with God
People are always going on journeys
Psalm 81:13-16
God described as honey in those times – sweetest substance on Earth at that time
Taste and see that the Lord is good
Where do we find God in life
Be careful when you ask for honey because God may choose to put it in a rock – Rabbi Akeva
Blessed are the poor, who mourn, are hungry, persecuted for Jesus, gentle, meek
When I’m underneath a rock I am blessed?
Those scars don’t go away – they may heal superficially but they become part of your story
In my mourning, God provided shade
When God breaks you, and you say just kidding
2 pools that look identical – one gives life, one gives death
2 fruits that look delicious…
We do life together, not separate
Are providing shade to people
He refers to us as sheep
Watch sheep in desert
In the evening a breeze from the west allows little tufts grow in the desert
Don’t worry about tomorrow…just enough for today
Do you know God well enough to hear His advice?
I’m learning to be content with what I have right now and where I’m at in this moment right now
Thank you for today’s mouthful
Every image is about trusting God
Are we becoming a community that shares in each others deserts? Are we providing shade to the people in the community?
God works with His text
Jesus went into the desert for 40 days -to understand My Father better
Isaiah 40:3-5
John the Baptist was committed to the text
As John was declaring the text, Jesus came

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