The Rock Church Worship Service


Make A Way
My Hope Is In You
Your Love Never Fails
Sweetly Broken
The Stand


Our vision as a church
Value of…
Mustard seed movement
Just because we can’t see God working doesn’t mean He isn’t
Single eye vs evil eye
Sees the need and fill the needs
Uganda school
Westside pregnancy center
Want to be present in the lives of the outcasts
Brian Lucas has an opportunity


Bears to the kids at the Union Rescue Mission and for kids at the beach day


Jonah 1:1-3
God is calling Jonah to an incredible task
Modern day terrorists, Jew killers, Assyrians
Tell them to turn to God
Why would a religious man turn away from God?
4:2 abounding in love
They could turn on me or they could repent and want to be my best friends!
God put me in this tight corner
Root problem: *I* will decide whether this particular thing gets me where I want to go
This doesn’t line up with Jonah’s vision
We know the why (I will love God if life goes well for MY plans)
As you walk through the story
Heads the opposite direction
Takes a nap
The other gods of the pagans won’t save them, so they beg Jonah to try his God
Jonah has a chance to help save them with his God
Jonah’s goal is to stay away from Nineveh for 40 days so he’s out of the duty
I would rather die than go to a people who I don’t feel deserve the love of God
What does indifference lead to (I’d rather just ignore this)? Doesn’t pursue, doesn’t go after
120,000 people in Manhattan Beach
Are our hearts indifferent to the people around us?
Root problem: no choice (he thinks) but to disobey
What else is in Jonah’s heart? Resentment
How can we find resentment in our hearts? Is our obedience attached to conditions?
It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen an I will do anything just to look at it
That us what we call worship
It can be anything, person, career, goals
What does your heart gaze at and cling to?
We were designed to worship
Not a moment goes by that we don’t worship something
Worth ship
What are you giving worth in your life
As long as worshiping God fits into my version of reality, I’ll worship Him
That which you cling and give worth to will manifest in your life
Nothing wrong with wanting justice, or disobeying God (?)
Slips into indifferent slumber
If I don’t have this, my obedience stops
God had been preparing the people for Himself
We restrict God in our minds – saying he isn’t working with a certain area or group of people
Jonah gets mad and demands eye for an eye
Do you do well to be angry Jonah? Yes God!
Now Jonah has to work on his bitterness
I don’t even want them in my circle – they would wreck my thing
I don’t think that person will ever turn to God – reveals the fact that you’ve forgotten your own miracle
You’re not better than anybody else!
What’s in Jonah’s heart? Linked to an idol
Elyse Fitzpatrick
Idols are thoughts, desires, longings, and expectations that we worship in the place of the true God. Idols cause us to ignore the true God in search of what we think we need
If you’re willing to sin to obtain your goal or if you sin when you don’t get what you want, then your desire has taken God’s place and you’re functioning as an idolater
Even in Jonah’s disobedience, God chases after him
God still uses Jonah in his disobedience to save the mariners
When Jonah runs away, God sends a storm
Storms are natural things and healthy for the beach – washes out dead things
God: The Ninevites have 40 days to be saved, but so do you, Jonah!
If you build your life on physical appearance, age will drive you crazy
As things began to sag and droop, you will start to sag and droop
Things are never stable
Storms move them about
Where is your anchor? Where is your rock?

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