The Rock Church Worship Service


No Sweeter Name
No Other Name
Our God Reigns
Anthem To The King
Inside Out


Genesis 3:7-22
Instead of chastising, God seeks for man
Pursuit for the heart of man and woman
Where are you?
Who told you that you were naked?
Have you eaten of the tree?
Not doing a very good job of covering ourselves
Problem of sin
When God asks a question, He already knows the answer
If humanity can answer His question, we can find the path to healing
Up to now Adam has never hidden from God
Trauma to his mind, heart, and soul
Parents give children a lickin’ – staring into your soul
Feel exposed by parent’s gaze
Where are you?
Who messed with you that you feel the need to hide
Initially naked and unashamed
Radical vulnerability
v7- there eyes were opened
They see something inside their hearts
Original design was to be completely known AND completely accepted (naked and unashamed)
Tension between “I don’t want to be known” and “I want to be known”
Idea of nakedness linked to radical vulnerability
Nobody feels out of place in bathing suits at the beach – would feel naked at a ball
You can’t control what they’re seeing
We desperately want to be known and liked
Why? Because we were designed to be naked and unashamed
Grafitti On Our Souls
We don’t want people to know how anxious, depressed, frustrated, etc
Why do some of us need to control what other people see?
Why is self-promotion of half-truths acceptable?
Hebrews 4:13
2 eyes out there in the universe that see EVERYTHING
Jumped behind the trees because something just broke
Lost purity and greatness
Adequacy and smallness sets in
Can’t stand to be known
Happens in our lives as well
Memory trace of paradise lost
We can’t forget the original design
2. Humanity is very good at inventing clever devices to dress ourselves up
Dress up in father’s oversized clothes
Need to hide from one another, cover themselves
Then hide from God
Then blame shift
The devil is always making me do bad things
We do it in mundane details every day of the week
We run for fun, for recreation, for healthy bodies
Main life motive – what drives you?
Why do we work to exhaustion? Why do we brag about it?
Look at how important I am
Why do some of us have to help/save the world?
Why can’t we disappoint people?
Everything is a fig leaf
We know we’re unacceptable so we cover up
It’s cute when you’re 5, not when you’re 45
-3- putting on the right clothing
Gave someone a juicy piece of information and waiting to see what happens
I accept you still
It’s what every human heart craves
Still pull me in
They’ve covered you up
Archeology found letter – business man writing back to pregnant wife
If it’s a girl, throw it out
Ezekiel 16:4-8, 14
How does God do this?
Serpent said God can’t be trusted
That He doesn’t want us a equals
God will expose you and throw you out to die
Bit into the lie, and their response was to hide
The only healing is to come to God, to come to Jesus
“Come to me and you will find rest”
Romans 4:7
Not just an idea – our Savior
He covers our sins and He sees only beauty, not sin
Cut off from tree of life
Humanity has to go back to the tree, someone has to go through the flaming sword
Cut off from the land of the living, went back to the tree of life
John 20:31-34
Come to me and I will take you to the tree of life
Colossians 3:1-3
Life is hidden in Christ, not behind a tree
Jesus was nailed to a tree so we wouldn’t have to be
God is looking for us among the trees and sees us hidden in Jesus
We are a new creation
I’m a follower of Jesus Christ
We’re desparately trying to cover ourselves…midnight’s coming Cinderella and all will be exposed
Let’s put on the life of Christ tonight



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