The Rock Church Worship Service


All I need is you

Matt Kladnik

Did a wedding in Coronado Bay, Grace sang – it’s the Kladnik show!
Build and swell to a wedding
You can feel something happening
Like surfing
Declaration is the crescendo, and the kiss!
God’s redemptive service throughout history
Work, striving, labor and pain replace freedom
Israel desires to be a nation and settles for slavery
Longing for purpose and identity
Not a warrior, a servant
Union happens through sacrifice
Kiss is only the beginning of the wedding, cross is beginning of intimacy with God
Romans 5:1-11
In fallen nature, always looking for something to fill the hole designed for intimacy with God
Romans 12:1-2
God’s passions become our passions
Transformation is a process
More easily visible with youth
How many times do we say “we should pray for people” and do nothing
Mark 9:2-4
Transfiguration = transformation
Allows Jesus to have His heart set on the cross, to have a purpose
Transformation is a process
Microwave generation
Want it now
You know you’re rushed when fast food isn’t fast enough
We want our schedule, not God’s schedule
Dreams won’t be reality if we neglect God
It all depends on how you wait, letting your character be defined
Choosing less money
Sacrifices urge transformation
How often do we pray “Lord, Renew my mind”? It’s a process
Having your mind renewed is a great idea
Building relationship
Matt had to pursue Grace
How do we have that intimate relationship with Jesus? How do you love your wife?
Pursue God with that desire
When the crap hits the fan, pursue God
Do we put ourselves in the right place so God will just happen to walk by?
Intimacy -> transformation
Communion is about three things
1) remember God
1 Corinthians 11:27
2) be with God
3) examine yourself
1 Corinthians 11:26

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