The Rock Church Worship Service


Jesus Lord Of Heaven
Desert Song
Our God Reigns
Mighty To Save
Your Love Never Fails


God Moved Into The Neighborhood
Exodus 3:1-3, 3:13-15, 25:8, Ephesians 1:22, Revelation 21:1-3
Went through “Is God even aware of me?”
God shows up through people and readings
People surprise him with what they say
Alligator in the sky
Children are a blessing and communication tool of God’s
You’re either on your way into the furnace, in the furnace, or coming out of the furnace
Reminds us how often we need to connect with God
As we sing, we are doing something corporately
You don’t want to talk to anybody, angst, hating humanity
Daughter and daddy relationship, negativity affects their whole world
Pull your head out of your belly button and see that I am here
God loves Israel just because He loves them
Jon and Paul are both exhausted
Reminder that God loves us
Life is spinning really fast, take a moment and see if God is trying to get to me
Note on the dresser, alligator in the sky, etc
Exodus 3:1-3
Harold Kirschner – Burning bush was a test to see if Moses would stop, the trick for us is to pay attention to the miracle around us he wants to connect
Barbara Taylor – An Altar In The World
Practicing the Presence by Brother Lawrence
Are we stopping long enough?
Are we paying close enough attention?
Had Moses walked by this bush a million times?
He says “here I am”
Burning bushes all around us that we miss opportunities
v.12 I will certainly be with you
Eya Asher eya (sp)
Characteristic of who God is
Why? Just because 😀
How do I say that? It sounds like breath…
Child’s first action? Breathe
Says the name of God
Last thing on Earth? Last breath
Emmanuel – God with us
I want desperately to connect with you
God says “Where are you?” when Adam and Eve sin
Tell them that I want to be with my people
25:8 dwell in their midst
John 1:14 God moves in
So many theological systems about abandoning this Earth when we have God and Jesus coming down
Ephesians 1:22
Body of Jesus Christ
Massive claim
He who fills all things around us
He is everywhere
If this is true, we have a very…
Functions, Programs
Marry, bury, teach, child care
“Church shopping looking for spiritual sweaters”
I thought we were part of a revolutionary movement that says give up our very lives
When we live in wholeness and really forgive each other, let go of our bitterness
Want to show the world what God is like
Main focus should be God’s presence with us
If Yahweh doesn’t show up, we’re just making noise and we need to stop, turn, and look
We need to remind each other that God wants to hang out with us
Galatians 5
Fruit of the Spirit
Love joy peace patience
What does that look like when it’s lives out?
God has some weird kids an here they all are together
Kind compassionate good and they have self control
As we gather together during the week, we should connect with others and pray “God we’re right here and we want to connect to you”
Maybe God is looking at everyone in this room and saying “I want to be with you…just because”
Our Father who art in Heaven, we’re over here
God, here we are
Reflect on what God’s doing in our hearts – He loves us and He likes us to


I Receive

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