The Rock Church Worship Service

Matthew Kennedy

Not To Us
Sing Sing Sing
Our God
All To Jesus I Surrender


Welcome to Family Service


Talking about prayer
Asking parents for stuff everyday
Can we play
Help on hw
Leave a light on
What do we say in return
Dads awesome at making eggs
We ask more than thank with our parents
Same thing with God
Forgive me
Help me feel better
God I love that you
Protect me
Cool things about god
Glad you’re my savior
Thank you for friends
For your power
Who kneels? Close your eyes? Fold your hands? Hands together? Look up? Bow your head?
We can pray anywhere anytime
Hallowed – holy – set apart
The first part is all about God, not even asking anything
I surrender
In roman times they held their hands out like they were shackled
3 things you love about your parents, 3 they love about you, 3 you love about God
Hocus pocus God focus


Our text is the Lord’s prayer
Technical term – gimme prayer
Gimme is the primary reason people pray
When people have needs they are very quick to pray
Jesus says we can’t get to gimme without 3 phrases all about God
Start by hallowing the father
Then we want the kingdom to be known
We want humanity repaired
Starting with praise is good
Heal our perspective before we ask for anything
We want to submit
We want your will to be done, not ours
Act of submission
When you come to the father, praise first
I was talking to a couple and they were having an argument, the wife was really upset with the husband and the husband said let’s sing praises to God
First thing I want to draw out of the passage
Need confidence in His power
You have to know who you are coming to
Bible is FULL of these amazing things about God
James says you have not because you ask not
God has blessings and promises that he wants to pour into our lives
A father that’s running with presents behind his back and he can’t wait for the child to ask for the gift
I’ve been hoping that you would’ve asked
When Ryan came into the world I tore my heart out and gave it to him
When Alex came along I said take what’s left
Over-parenting is a completely different sermon
Trying to live and experience joy through our children
Where does that come from?
The Father cuz it’s the same with him
Never been a parent in existence that wants more for their children then God wants for us
We are coming to a Father who is in Heaven
He wants nothing more than to filter His presence into our soul
2. We need our perspective to be healed
The model of the prayer led me to an idea
Our deepest needs happen inside the human heart
It’s our perspective that makes us want to pray gimme
We have a possessed washing machine
Supposed to make a puppy puppy puppy noise
Not smoke and make a kachunk noise
When you get tense the human heart screams kachunk
God is the most important person in the universe
We need to take the laundry of our life and reorganize it
Maybe my reputation or situation is more important to me than God
Need to re-center my life
I think I know better than God how to run my life
Things are going to start coming apart
Who is the Father? A heavenly Father
Encourage you in your silent prayer time to praise God to help center your life
I think unanswered prayer reveals more about your life than you think
He’s wise and knows what’s going on
Not praying to a genie in a lamp
Getting the whole fruitful and multiplying thing
Create safety catches to build a safe environment for the kids
Genie in the lamp is like prayer without a catch
Give a 5 YO a lamp
10, 15 whoa, 25
In our 20’s we were geniuses and our parents were idiots
Imagine if God said yes to some prayers from then
You’ll never know everything
The Bible says we’re all idiots (I’m paraphrasing)
If we’re honest with ourselves and look at the decade previous you’ll see that you’re an idiot
Good parents can distinguish a Child’s need from the request
Parents can see the motive
Hebrews 5:7
Loud cries and agony to the Father
Is there anything we can do
In reverence He heard the prayer of Jesus
But God said no
A good parent listens and decides
Jesus responds – ok your will be done
If you are willing to die to your request and trust me absolutely I will bring forth a resurrection
What if God had said yes to Jesus?
Give us just enough today to be a blessing to others
It’s not just about you, but God does care for you
You are a good parent, a father
Whatsoever we’ve asked for after praising the father sounds better


Hebrews 4:14
Our God He Lives Forever

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