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This Is A Gifted Response
We'll See The Goodness
The Desert Song
Jesus Lord Of Heaven
Lead Me To Your Heart


Matthew 6:7-
Greek words
Battologeo – Babble (to stutter, i.e. (by implication) to prate tediously — use vain repetitions)
Polulogia – Diarrhea of the mouth (loquacity, i.e. prolixity — much speaking)
Ancient Egyptian prayer to Amun Ra
Hail to thee
Maker of herbs
Opener of every eye
This is just the opener
Is this how we get God’s attention? Saying all the titles so he will pay attention to us?
1 Kings 18:25-
Is anybody paying attention?
Are we getting the words right?
Is see a wound in the human heart
Was that just something that happened back then?
I see it today in Christian communities
Jesus steps into human anxiety and says here’s how to pray
I’m going to blow your mind
All you need – come to Him as your hallowed Father
Breaks through paranoia and fear
Just come to the Father, He’s got everything you need
Just talk to Him
If your understanding was this simple
All the babbling and stuff that goes on
In 57 Greek words, everything that the human heart needs
Covers these vast human realities
Understand that we’re not coming to an angry God but to a Father
Let your kingdom come
We want the heaven where you are being worshiped to break through into this realm
Bring your kingdom hear on Earth
If you talk to someone who is starving, bread is the basic fulfillment
Moves into the physical realm and that basic need
Starts talking about forgiveness and how we are relational beings who need to connect to one another
Temptation and evil ( coming soon)
Simply say this, don’t babble
Note this aspect of forgiveness
Matthew 6:14-
Jesus says we need to send that wound away by forgiving
Then there’s the trespasses
The slips
When she doesn’t call you back or somebody doesn’t follow through or didn’t lay attention
Deep wounds also that really dig into our hearts and causes a rift in our relations with others
Maybe instead if a transaction it’s an understanding of God
Stephen Keating will help with this demonstration of snorkeling
When you go underwater the tube stays above
Air comes in and out
Source of life through this tube
If I were to take a piece of tape and cover the snorkel, he can’t receive life
Is that what Jesus is talking about
The love of God that flows to you is the same love that flows out of you?
The same source
Me and God | Me and Them
You have NO idea how bad this person hurt me
Forgiveness is different than condoning
There are consequences
There are some things that are offensive
Legal ramifications
Forgiveness is not forgetting
A process that takes time and leaning towards forgiveness
Not immediate
If we say “There is no way that I will ever send that trespass away”, we are cutting the source off
“I hold a grievance against this one but me and God are good” is impossible
I need to learn to send this one away
Is there any dimension of your life tonight that needs to be brought under the lordship of Jesus Christ?
I want to learn how to get back to Jesus
He does this for humanity
We are brought down with Christ so that we may be raised up with Him
As you have forgiven me, help me forgive others
I don’t want to hold on to this, help me send it away as You have sent my sins from me
Come and partake of the table


Revelation Song

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