Sucker Punch – Incline Village Cinema, NV

This film is absolutely phenomenal! We first became aware of this film as a series of posters in the theatre lobby when Laura and I went to see Green Hornet, and it looked like fun (sexy girls with advanced weaponry in fantasy/sci-fi environments). Then we watched the trailer and I was completely blown away and couldn’t wait to see it. Actually I desperately wanted to know more about it, but luckily my wife was able to curb my need for spoilers. And of course seeing that it was a Zack Snyder production automatically made it a definitely-worth-seeing flick (based on my appreciation for his handling of 300 and Watchmen – I can’t WAIT to see what he and Christopher Nolan cook up for Superman). Apparently this is based on an original story by Zack Snyder, which makes this all the more interesting – we’ve seen how he handles other comic book material, now let’s see how he handles his own material.

I absolutely LOVE the character names.

It was also interesting trying to figure out the time period of the movie – if I had to guess I would say mid to late 50s. The costume design was absolutely gorgeous.

The cast is phenomenal. Carla Gugino (Dr. Vera Gorski) is a nice little holdover from Watchmen. I couldn’t remember where I’d seen Rocket (Jena Malone) before, but then IMDB just flooded details back to me and I was like – oh yeah! Vanessa Hudgens (Blondie)?!?! When did she grow up to adult movie roles? Just kidding. Yay for Scott Glenn as the Wise Man! Oscar Isaac is absolutely phenomenal as the chief antagonist, Blue Jones. And he sings too! Jon Hamm “guest stars” as the mysterious High Roller.

The music was awesome. I only recognized one of the songs (well technically two because Queen’s “We Will Rock You” is snippited) from the first fantasy sequence and only because Blue Man Group performs it (“White Rabbit”).

I need to go and see the movie one more time. Not just for the amazing action sequences, but for the opening and closing monologues – they are very heavily layered with the purpose of the film, why it was created, what it represents, etc.

Here is a lovely article/interview with Zack Snyder talking about the film which just makes me laugh out loud.

I have an idea about a part of what the fantasy sequences represent. It is strictly opinion. It revolves around the aircraft used in the three major fantasy sequences representing the global conflicts that America has been involved with: we started with World War I (or The Great War) flying ace biplanes; then we moved on to World War II bombers; then we ended with choppers (symbolizing a mish-mosh of jungle and desert missions a la Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf Wars).

Be sure to stay all the way through the credits to enjoy the full out musical number which I hope is in it’s unedited form on the home release (it’s so PURDY!!!!).

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