The Rock Church Worship Service

Josh Kauffman

Your Love O Lord
My Hope Is In You
Lead Me To Your Heart
More Than A Friend

Stephen Keating


Katie Keating

South Bay Agora meeting at the Grimes’ house

Katie Tiffany

Recruiting for children’s ministry
Sun May 22nd after church
Children’s tribute to mother’s

Matthew Kennedy

I still consider this my home church
I don’t know what to say, Mark says just cry and you’ll be fine
Relationships affect all of us
We all fail at relationships
We’re human but God is perfect and He gives us hope
Ephesians 5:22-33
Don’t freak out by the word submit
This verse has saved my marriage
There’s a lot here to dissect
It’s a beautiful thing as Steven Tyler would say on American Idol
This is only my second time preaching since going into ministry
The first time, Byron McDonald, the lead pastor for Rolling Hills Covenant Church flew off to Japan and asked me to take over
There’s 2 verses for girls but 8 or 9 for guys
If you don’t pay attention to your wife’s heart you will grow apart
It takes effort for men because it’s not natural
If we’re in the church, we learn to put the other person first
Love her like she needs to be loved, not like you want to be loved
Got hired by a small church (Rolling Hills Covenant Church) as a worship leader
6 months later my wife is asking me if I love her anymore
How can I help other people’s souls when I can’t even take care of my wife?
Make sure you nurture, protect and make her feel safe
I’ve only been married 7 years, known my wife for 9
I’m not saying this from a place of having it done
We need to be transparent
Guys it’s tough
You come home but are you engaged in her life?
Are you taking care of her soul?
Transparency creates security
Ultimately how do we do that
We take His love and His grace commingled
Are we extending that grace and love out of ourselves?
Living water flows, it doesn’t stay stagnant
The leader sets the standard – the husband sets the standard
You’d be an idiot not to feed yourself
Ladies think about this
Do you feel safe?
How can God change your perception?
Every time I read this I feel like we should actually start reading a little earlier at v. 17
Submit to the Lord
We’re glorifying God’s kingdom here on Earth by serving one another
I have this vision of husbands as superheroes with a little s (not a big s because we can’t save souls)
Like we should lay ourselves down in the mud for them to walk over so they don’t get any on them, or jump in front of them to keep them from being wounded by arrows
What is the result when a woman feels safe in relationship? The wife can commit and serve the Lord
Marriage was created by God out of love for all of us
It was a pure and perfect creation so that His headship … her submission was a true manifestation of … Love
If we feel safe with each other in marriage
If we’re not safe and effective in our relationships, we won’t be that way in community
I’m so grateful my wife is the way she is, strong
1 Corinthians 12 talks about us having a certain role in the body of Christ
If one person hurts, we all hurt
This is one of the ultimate acts of children, putting their own desires first
When somebody disagrees with us in community, we won’t jump to conclusion if we know their heart
Don’t be prideful
How is this person hurting and how can I help?
God bless you Josh – the songs all fit in where I was going
You’re only as sick as your secrets
Be accountable
Jon Woolner knows all my secrets, am I going to tell you? Heck no!
Andy Quach looks like John Lithgow on crack
We air out laundry together every week
Walk through struggles with others, not just by yourself
Builds community and we start seeing Christ in one another
We all fail
I’ve failed miserably in life
Got married and my life went downhill, drugs and drinking behind wife’s back, Renee got saved as a result of my sins
I see people in a constant tailspin because they don’t know how to pull out of it
I want to encourage you to sing a redemption song
He came down in this most incredible act of humility
What greater act of love is there?
He is not a sick God, He cares about each of us individually
Kindness leads to repentance
Are we being kind? An example of who Christ is?
Jon Woolner was Jesus to me for many years when I went through stuff
He loved me as I was
Thank you for taking care of my best friend
My God is amazing, my God saves, He paid it all
Philippians 2:8
If you need prayer, come forward and pray with people
The prayers of a mother go A LONG way (God hears them and gets right on it)
Don’t fix marriages with Scotch tape, but with the love of Christ

Josh Kauffman

Jesus Paid It All
Amazing Love

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