Thor – AMC 12 @ Downtown Disney

I don’t see what everyone is bitching about – this film was beautiful.

Chris Hemsworth looks absolutely incredible as Thor. I mean he really bulked up for the role and it looks awesome (we last saw him as George Kirk in J.J. Abram’s phenomenal Star Trek reboot).

I love that Kenneth Branagh directed the film – especially after reading interviews with him where he talks about growing up in Ireland reading the Thor comic books and enjoying them!

Side Notes: In the lobby we noticed a display for Puss In Boots, which just makes me roll my eyes that they’re taking anything vaguely Shrek and giving it it’s own movie. Also there was a HUGE 3-panel display for Cars 2 with so much pretty that we stood there for about 10 minutes analyzing all the little details. I am so very excited with what Pixar has accomplished just with this display (the tiniest details of the architecture have automotive highlights and there’s a billboard featuring a Lotso product) which means the bar is even higher for the actual film! It’s absolutely incredible.

Update (5/20/2011): saw the film in 3-D and didn’t mind it – Asgard was beautiful as was the credits sequence. Other than that, it’s still a solid film the 2nd time around.

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