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The Ultimate Marvel Movie Marathon – AMC 12 @ DownTown Disney, Anaheim, CA

$40, 6 movies, 14 hours. Special intro segments for each film (part of our “training package” for the Avengers Initiative) by SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson. An absolutely amazing and incredible experience. Not only to be packed in a theatre for 6 movies with a like-minded crowd of enthusiasts, but to experience, in it’s entirety, the subtle weaving and artistry that Marvel Studios has been constructing since they first gambled on taking control of their own movie properties in 2005, “after Marvel Enterprises declared independence by pacting with Merrill Lynch to produce a slate of films that would be distributed by Paramount Pictures” (PickMyVideo Review of Avengers). I can’t actually think of any other property in recent history that could result in this kind of amazing … “ness”. I mean maybe a Star Wars marathon would count, but nothing even really comes close. Marvel took a gamble, played their cards right, … Continue reading →

Captain America: The First Avenger – South Bay Galleria 16, Torrance, CA

Absolutely amazing! So beautiful! Fantastic job by Chris Evans. Hugo Weaving is an amazing villain. When I grow up I want to be Stanley Tucci. He’s such a great and dependable character. Yay for Stan Lee’s cameo! Awesome music by Alan Silvestri. I’m glad I didn’t know it was him going in because it would have distracted me, but one I knew it was him I could hear bits of Van Helsing in the credits. Yay Howard Stark’s Expo! They re-used the Sherman brothers song from Iron Man 2! 😀 And that new song, “Star Spangled Man” is so pretty! And it’s written by Alan Menken and David Zippel (the song-writing duo behind Disney’s Hercules)! Yay Marvel and Disney synergy!!! 😀

Thor – AMC 12 @ Downtown Disney

I don’t see what everyone is bitching about – this film was beautiful. Chris Hemsworth looks absolutely incredible as Thor. I mean he really bulked up for the role and it looks awesome (we last saw him as George Kirk in J.J. Abram’s phenomenal Star Trek reboot). I love that Kenneth Branagh directed the film – especially after reading interviews with him where he talks about growing up in Ireland reading the Thor comic books and enjoying them! Side Notes: In the lobby we noticed a display for Puss In Boots, which just makes me roll my eyes that they’re taking anything vaguely Shrek and giving it it’s own movie. Also there was a HUGE 3-panel display for Cars 2 with so much pretty that we stood there for about 10 minutes analyzing all the little details. I am so very excited with what Pixar has accomplished just with this … Continue reading →

Iron Man 2 – Century 20 @ Bella Terra, Huntington Beach, CA

Freaking amazing. The entire cast and crew do a fantastic job. Does Disney even exist in the Marvel universe? Was that an awkward moment at the Disney-buys-Marvel-negotiations? “Um yeah…Howard Stark replaces Walt Disney in our universe” RICHARD SHERMAN WROTE THE JINGLE USED IN THE ARCHIVED STARK EXPO FOOTAGE (it’s called “Make Way for Tomorrow Today”). EEEEE! Jon Favreau must really love AC/DC as he features them very prominently in both Iron Man movies so far. Sam Rockwell ALWAYS seems so sleazy to me. I know the strawberry vendor! He was in Torrance Cultural Arts Center’s summer production South Pacific (circa 2002) as Stewpot! Ha! It’s always fun to pick him out in movies. He was in one of the Fast and The Furious trailers as the truck driver who’s rig is being dismantled while he’s driving it. Having read some reviews, my language/opinions have been slightly tainted/biased, but there are … Continue reading →

Spiderman 2

Before we begin…The trailers made me really happy. Not only was there a full-length Catwoman trailer, a new (or simply re-edited) I, Robot trailer, AND a trailer for Blade: Trinity, there was a trailer for a movie I really look forward to…Skipping Christmas, which is one of John Grisham’s non-legal books and looks really fun with Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis as the leads. Location, location, locationI saw the midnight showing on opening day at Big Newport (aka Edwards Newport 6) which has the biggest non-IMAX movie screen on the West Coast. The ambience there is incredible because everyone is there to have a great time and they are all fans, so there is lots of cheering for the hero and lots of peanut gallery comments, which only enhances the viewing. This IS the one…As I’ve lamented around here before, several movies so far have attempted (through their seductive … Continue reading →