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Viruses Invade Radio Frequency Hardware and George Lucas Reveals The Plans For His New Empire

Rebuilding authorities slam developer for talk breakdown WHY!?!? This is just another infuriating aspect of what I talked about the other day. This… is getting ridiculous. Just build it already! Pixar’s sale to Disney keeping bloggers busy – Orlando Sentinel I thought this was going to talk about other sites, but it’s focusing on the Re-Imagineering blog which in itself is fascinating. So cool to watch imaginative people discuss the place that holds a special place in my heart The Dilbert Blog: Constitutional or Not Scott Adams went and opened another can of worms…except this one is a lot more potent than slamming religion and evolution…people REALLY get passionate about politics… TIME.com: A Conversation with George Lucas — Page 1 Interesting…but can we trust this guy anymore? I mean…Greedo shooting first… BBC NEWS | Technology | Viruses leap to smart radio tags Can this hold the technology back? What about … Continue reading →

Spiderman 2

Before we begin…The trailers made me really happy. Not only was there a full-length Catwoman trailer, a new (or simply re-edited) I, Robot trailer, AND a trailer for Blade: Trinity, there was a trailer for a movie I really look forward to…Skipping Christmas, which is one of John Grisham’s non-legal books and looks really fun with Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis as the leads. Location, location, locationI saw the midnight showing on opening day at Big Newport (aka Edwards Newport 6) which has the biggest non-IMAX movie screen on the West Coast. The ambience there is incredible because everyone is there to have a great time and they are all fans, so there is lots of cheering for the hero and lots of peanut gallery comments, which only enhances the viewing. This IS the one…As I’ve lamented around here before, several movies so far have attempted (through their seductive … Continue reading →