The Rock Church Worship Service


Your Name
Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)
I Adore You


VBS celebration this week
No Agora this month
Big Sur trip for teens coming up

Photo slideshow



Welcome to VBS Celebration
Thank you for your kids this past week
We only get the kids 1 hour a week, so we’re partnering with the parents to teach the kids
Compassion – helping someone, anyone in need
Forgiveness – if someone hurts our feelings, letting go of that grudge
Grace – the story of the prodigal son and how our Father is waiting with open arms for us
Two boys going at each other this week (Timmy and Tommy)
Timmy is instigating poking, hurting feelings, Tommy keeps forgiving him
Bible Verse – show me your ways O Lord an teach me your paths, guide me in your truths and save me…and my hope is in you all day long
Chef Pierre
Special Video from Heidi Claire


Thank you kids for showing us what the love of God is like
Thank you volunteers
Our prayer has always been to love one another
Thank you Katie Tiffany for putting this on
A couple more songs from VBS


Jesus Makes A Difference
Show Me The Path

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