The Rock Church Worship Service


Indescribable (You Are Amazing God)
Doxology reprise


In-N-Out truck next week
After this next song will be communion

Grace Like Rain
One Thing Remains (Your Love Never Fails)
I Receive


Picture of New York Post Bin Laden dead cover
Restorative justice is just as valuable a redemptive justice
Retribution has finality
Shouldn’t be a gleeful celebration
That’s God’s dream for the earth
That’s the dream we believe in
No shame or guilt
Tom Rice, bishop from outside the West
Acts 6
Really transformative period of the church here
New king
Look ahead to Acts 9
Saul was essentially a terrorist, killing Christians
The restorative power of the gospel changes Saul
Saul becomes Paul
In chapter 6 we see problems already visible
Growth problems, leadership problems, relationship problems
Jerusalem is a cultural mecca or melting pot
Walk through the text but 3 focus points
God’s power, people, place
V. 8 Stephen is full of something, speaking in great power and boldness
Last week Peter described Jesus as archegos or ultimate hero of heroes
Value character over appearance
Jerusalem is explosive
Anytime you speak against empire, the movement grows
Restoration gospel begins to spread, duplicate and multiply
Big twelve, the apostles
Empowered 7 leaders to speak with boldness
The word of God spreads
Community of people committed to God’s dream
Conflict between Greek speaking Christians and Aramaic speaking Jews
Diverse cultures coming together
Anchored in Jerusalem
As far as we know, the 12 never left Jerusalem (except John because he was dragged away)
Ok, how do I help?
Our world needs people committed to the circles in which they walk or drive

10 years in January 2012
Perhaps we can make a new commitment to this place
As we seek to stay put in this place, to be the restorative power in this community
The church is supposed to be a family
Many times churches turn into social orphanages
We shouldn’t have as a statement for the week “Who am I going to ignore today?”
4 core people
7 leadership teams
Ministry heads
Neglect is still happening
That’s not what we want
We need to be committed and not leave just because our feelings get hurt
If the core isn’t strong, the restorative power isn’t strong
The core sends it’s power out through the concentric circles out to the community
This is why we call this a gathering and not a service
Crave Life Covenant Church in Buena Park is launching in the fall
Norwalk – Eddie Espinoza’s church is 1 year old and raising $10,000
Eddie is going to get a part time job so his salary can go towards that
Life Covenant Church in Torrance is raising $20,000
We are bring asked to raise $10,000
Where can you help? Not just a check but time and energy and prayer

Video from Moses Barrio

Prayerful consider how to contribute
Also commit to this community
Sending a very special family
Heather and Joachim Barnreuther are moving to Hawaii
Lay on hands and prayer for them

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