Cowboys & Aliens – AMC12 @ Downtown Disney, Anaheim, CA

Fun. Pure, simple, action/sci-fi fun that just happens to be a Western. It’s got a few more jumpy moments than ID4 did, but the film paces itself fantastically enough that I didn’t really mind (i.e. I wasn’t scared out of my wits the whole time waiting for the next “jump” moment, I was able to enjoy the movie). I’m so happy Jon Favreau got this movie made – I really like his directorial style. There was this one really simple shot (Laura says it’s a crane shot) at the beginning of the film – Daniel Craig has just woken up in the desert and the scalpers are spreading out around him and the camera just pulls back and up and it looked really cool!

I am intrigued to see what they changed from the comic book.

Yay grumpy Harrison Ford!

Yay Keith Carradine! It isn’t really a Western without him! 😉

Also had the “pleasure” to see a trailer for Battleship, as in, “You sunk my….” At first the premise was fairly interesting, or at least a little more interesting that Battle: LA looked (or maybe I was just happy to see Liam Neeson acting all grumpy…), but the title card just made me scoff. It’s only saving grace would be if Liam Neeson at some point says in a confrontation with the aliens or whatever, “You sunk my battleship! I will have my revenge!” You know what, not even that would really be enough to save this film.

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