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Cowboys & Aliens – AMC12 @ Downtown Disney, Anaheim, CA

Fun. Pure, simple, action/sci-fi fun that just happens to be a Western. It’s got a few more jumpy moments than ID4 did, but the film paces itself fantastically enough that I didn’t really mind (i.e. I wasn’t scared out of my wits the whole time waiting for the next “jump” moment, I was able to enjoy the movie). I’m so happy Jon Favreau got this movie made – I really like his directorial style. There was this one really simple shot (Laura says it’s a crane shot) at the beginning of the film – Daniel Craig has just woken up in the desert and the scalpers are spreading out around him and the camera just pulls back and up and it looked really cool! I am intrigued to see what they changed from the comic book. Yay grumpy Harrison Ford! Yay Keith Carradine! It isn’t really a Western without him! … Continue reading →

Movie Reviews (Backlog)

Morning Glory – Niagara Square Cinemas, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada Very cute. Bernie Pollack provided Harrison’s clothes (and presumably socks) – costume designer from Indy 4!!! Rachel McAdams is adorable as always. Harry Potter 7.1 – Niagara Square Cinemas, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada AMAZING! Loved the sneaking into the ministry scene and the dance in the tent. Unstoppable – Walden Galleria Cinemas, Cheektowaga, NY Very intriguing film. Yay Captain Kirk (was that a vague reference to Kirk hanging off of stuff?)! Yay Ethan Suplee! Tangled – AMC Rolling Hills 20, Torrance, CA & ArcLight Beach Cities Cinemas, El Segundo, CA So cute and beautiful and perfect! John Lasseter obliterates the 3D/2D line by declaring Tangled to be Walt Disney’s 50th full length feature animation. Zack Levi and Mandy Moore are perfect as the prince and princess. Intriguing to hear Jeffrey Tambor in “I’ve Got A Dream” – the timbre of … Continue reading →