9/11 Concert Of Prayer – Redondo Beach Union High School

Our God ( (Our God is greater))


Everyone’s been impacted by what happened 10 years ago
Psalm 46
V. 10-11 especially
We have gathered here tonight to pray, remember, heal

Pastor Kirk Don

Can’t believe it’s been 10 years
I had a chance to go to New York and minister to some first responders and people who were there
I remember being devastated by the destruction
Jesus and Pilate, you too will perish unless you repent
It’s easy to point at evil in the world, but God always calls us to our own hearts
Psalm 51 (create in me a clean heart O God)

Forever Reign)
Beautiful ( (I see Your face in every sunrise))
Beautiful Things)
Revelation Song ( (Worthy is the))


I haven’t written anything down be I’m going to speak from the heart
My nephew Kenneth Rice was among the first casualties when the plane struck the north tower
He was working on IT stuff and normally didn’t work there, but that morning they were all called in for a meeting
15 minutes before the plane struck, he sent out an email saying he was ready for the meeting
The plane struck his floor
Romans 8:23

Pastor Jon Woolner

If you know somebody who was killed in the attacks, please stand; we’d like to pray for you
Now we’re going to break into 5 person groups and pray for our nation

Prayer For Our Nation

It Is Well With My Soul)


Ten years ago I was assigned in Marina Del Rey
Watched the events unfold as the devastation of those who hate what America stands for
Waiting at LAX and eerily watching every plane, wondering
Volunteered to go digging through the rubble
6 funerals and 10 wakes
Went to St. Peters when Rudy Guilliani spoke
Later as we walked past Ground Zero we saw the two crossed beams that have now been moved as a memorial
Some other firefighters asked if we had come from LA County
We formed a procession for a firefighter’s body recently pulled from the rubble, standing at attention
One funeral procession for an Italian fire chief who was also a soccer coach
How many times have people said, I want my daddy back
I’m a simple guy, a public servant
Those who died that day are public servants
I’m prepared to give my life to save people
That’s what God has called me to do
Thank you for coming tonight to honor those who fell


These public servants volunteer their lives
I want to pray for them
I want to pray for the military, those who have and are serving

Prayer For Military and First Responders

You Never Let Go ( (Even though I walk))


I’ve been living in the Middle East (Egypt) helping God’s Spirit move
I have lots of friends there now who say I’m different from other believers they’ve encountered
I know a woman from Algeria who is lonely without God
Encourage that God intercedes for America and for Muslims

Pastor Byron

Most important part of prayer
Pray that we might be compelled into the harvest fields
We are the only hope for the South Bay
The reality is that 100 years from now the only question that matters was, did they know Jesus?
A few weeks ago I heard a woman with a British accent speak about how she came to know Jesus
She wondered if the friends who shared Jesus with her would have done so after 9/11
It’s the 6 month anniversary of the Japanese earthquakes and tsunamis
Pray for them too

Praying For The Gospel

Great Is Thy Faithfulness)
One Thing Remains ( (Higher than the mountains that I face))
You're The God Of This City)


Standing among the ashes of the fallen buildings, the prophet Jeremiah pens these words
“My soul is downcast within me”
This lament was written by someone viewing the fallen glory of Jerusalem
Even though it doesn’t make sense in the moment
There are many who don’t have the hope of Jesus Christ
Bookend to this evening on what Brother Kirk spoke of
Fully committed to His purposes
Are we carrying the torch of the gospel faithfully?
Let us make the most of every opportunity we have
Be a springboard of hope for ourselves

Eddie Vargas

Let’s link arms across the aisles and pray

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