The Rock Church Worship Service


Desert Song
Till I See You


Tried to celebrate Shannon’s birthday yesterday by going to the beach, but it rained, so we sat in a group and sang songs
It’s hard dealing with all the emotions involved in remembering this day
As we move through tonight, contemplate what our nation has walked through and what we’ve gone through as Christians
And I think about the teachings of Jesus Christ
My thinking changed on this day
Do not become the evil that is done to you, turn the other cheek
Lord’s Prayer


Take Heart (So Take Heart)
You Alone (Who Can I Run To)


Psalm 4

Katie Keating

Psalm 27

Anna Warde

Isaiah 61

Stephen Keating

I was thinking about tragedies
Hurricanes on the East Coast, fires in Texas
If we’re not careful, we try and put meaning on it and talking for God instead of listening
Look at Job, the three men looking for meaning and they’re wrong
God doesn’t point fingers, this isn’t a time to point fingers, but a time to examine ourselves and realize that we’re not in control
God steps into disaster and sometimes is just there, other times builds up and rebuilds
That is the God that we serve


On September 11th, I heard it said that American’s got a glimpse of what it’s like to be the rest of the world
We don’t live in an untouchable country
Can’t put our faith in being smart, talented people
On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand

John Mullens

Psalm 27
When the foundations are being destroyed

Tom Bohlinger

Psalm 46


I have a heart for the cities of the South Bay
I have the privilege of praying with 40 other pastors once a month
Memorial service tonight at Redondo Union High School, 7-9
I’m reminded of Jesus mourning Lazarus
To Martha, He says I am the resurrection and the life
She gets a sermon
Mary asks the same question (Why?!?!) and she gets tears
It strikes me as a sermon that Jesus weeps
Why is He weeping because He knows He will turn it around
How are we as a community supposed to respond?

I’m reminded of being with Jeff Goodrich in his last days
One time all I could do was just sing “Our God is greater, our God is stronger, our God is higher than any other”
It was all I could do
I would like to lead this community in that song
Our God

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