The Rock Church Worship Service


Take Heart ( (There is a light))
Grateful Ones ( (We're the grateful ones))


Prayer for offering
Men’s Retreat coming up Oct. 7,8,9
Redondo Union High School is hosting a tribute for 9/11 around 7pm next Sunday


You'll Come ( (Chains be broken))
Anthem To The King ( (There's A King In This Room))
Such Love ( (Tell Me The Story))
Sweetly Broken ( (To The Cross I Look))


Acts 9


Christianity is something that takes us up
Philippians 4:12-23
He goes from this violent zealot who understands everything
Some kind of power converted him
Is that how conversion is supposed to be? Cuz mine wasn’t that sparkly
Last week the Ethiopian fisherman had a simple conversion
There are some commonalities
Up until this point, Saul had a very good idea of who God was
A couple of chapters ago, Stephen said we don’t need the temple or the rituals
Rubbed Saul the wrong way, sounded like absolutely blasphemy
First question when Saul meets Jesus? Who are you?
Saul had a lot of Bible knowledge and understanding
He was still deeply unsettled and restless
I need something greater than my own heart
1 John 3:20
If your heart hasn’t condemned you this week, you probably weren’t listening

Knowledge is incredible, a great gift, but it won’t change you
Having everything in order will not cure you
The god you create in your reality will not change you
Paul says I’m content with the good and the bad; content with all things
I’m not there yet
Just this last week, I was anxious and impatient

If you don’t argue or fight with someone in a relationship, then they’re a robot
Let’s say you’re in a relationship with a god you’ve created: can he ever contradict you? Only if you’re mental!
We are pursuing the God of the Bible
I want people to oppose me when some aspect of my belief in God is out of line
We want to be content in all circumstances
1 Corinthians 15:1

What converted Saul? The resurrection of Jesus Christ
Christian conversion isn’t a response to an experience
It’s a response to the resurrected King
When Saul realized the fast of Jesus’ resurrection
I’ve met people who can’t believe because of evil and suffering
Saul wrestled with the concept of the trinity

If this Jesus is risen from the dead, what about everything else
These issues are not as important as Jesus being resurrected
Need to start there

What would you have us do, God?


I Surrender All ( (All To Jesus I Surrender))

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