Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon – AMC 30 @ The Block, Orange, CA

The best Transformers movie yet. No seriously. I mean it. The first one had a lot of characters and things to introduce, but I stand firm in my belief that the film would have been monumentally better if Anthony Anderson and John Turturro’s roles were smaller. The second one was lots of fun with the 1920’s Transformers and I enjoyed the plot, but this one really takes the cake. First there’s no more Megan Fox. Second the story’s conspiracy angle has just enough for me to believe it. Third it’s got Alan Tudyk and he doesn’t get killed (damn you Joss Whedon!). All in all I had a fantastic time at this mind-numbing, action-packed blockbuster.

Lenonard Nimoy returns to the Transformer universe! For those of you playing the home game, he voiced a souped up Megatron called Galvatron in The Transformers: The Movie (1986).

I was really excited to get to see this film in theatres, let alone IMAX 3-D for only $10 a piece! Go AMC! It was also really awesome that theatre attendance didn’t even break double digits.

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