**ADDENDUM 1/11/12**

WordPress has broken their *personal* vow of political silence to speak up about this issue here! And I’m slacking for having not visited Stop American Censorshipyet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it!!!


**ADDENDUM 12/30/11**

Oh wait, sorry that’s the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). SOPA wants to give Congress the authority to create a new enforcement agency that police’s the Internet looking for copyright violations and giving them the authority to shutdown sites like YouTube and Facebook for “having a vauge definition of piracy” as it were. O.o

Really Congress? Really? I mean sure it’s job creation, but who really wants the job of policing the Internet? Besides that job is reserved for XKCD stick figures who can’t budge from their computers because “someone on the Internet is wrong!” 😉


SOPA is a bill by Congress (those lovable, out-of-touch coots) that wants to change the face of the Internet all so a few big companies don’t have to fight so hard against piracy. But like anytime Congress write specific technologies into legislation, they are out of touch and have no idea what they’re talking about. The way *I* understand the effects of this bill is that they want to remove all hostnames from websites so that the only way to connect to a site is by typing in the direct IP address. 🙁

GoDaddy supported SOPA for quite a while until last week when public pressure made them switch (even if just in words). So *today (December 29th, 2011)* is the first-ever Leave GoDaddy Day!

I’d vote that you come to DreamHost (and not just because I work there).

DreamHost’s Position and Promo Code!– Twitter update with link

DreamHost’s Promo Code “SOPAROPA” will take $50 off of a shared hosting plan when pre-paid for one year. It will also include four free domregs (their choice of net, com, org, info only) for the life of the hosting plan.

Normal hosting is $119.40 for 1 year + 1 annual domain registration credit of $9.95.


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