White Christmas – OCPAC

Alright, that was cute.

A very nice adaptation with some interesting and eyebrow-raisingchanges.

Thank you Sarah for pointing out that the dancing/choreography is amazing – we agree. And yes, the tempo’s are all a bit too fast (even “Love, You Didn’t Do Right By Me”), but we’ve decided that that is because they added so much content they needed to race through all the songs in order to be done at a decent hour. 😉

Laura very much liked the formation changes – they were very dynamic and effective.

I guess at the end of the day, they have to make a bunch of broad changes and the audience gets to pick and choose their favorites. Me, I liked the General and Martha and all of the new songs were VERY well done. The only original songs cut were Mandy/Minstrel Show and Choreography which makes perfect sense as they are incredibly dated.

*Unedited thoughts after Act 1*

It’s nice for what it is. That is to say it’s not the movie (obviously), but for some reason I got my hopes up.

I don’t like the changes to Phil Davis’ character, but I blame that on my being such an avid Danny Kaye fan.

I like Bob Wallace – I get a real Bing vibe from his physical presence.

Meh on the changes to Snow (a train to New York…with a drawing room and 2 comfy beds…and they also skipped the whole guys-doing-Sisters but which I’m rather sad about) and the whole Ralph at the Ed Sullivan show thing (million dollar deal wouldn’t break the general’s heart as much as embarrassing him on national TV would).

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