The Rock Church Worship Service


10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord O my soul)
The Time Has Come (Today, today it's all or nothing)
Jesus Lead On (This is my cry, this is my song)
You Are Good (Your kindness leads me to repentance)
Overflow (Here I bring my stains and crowns)

Announcements by Katie

Short video to show about last year’s VBS
We have VBS July 9, 11, 13 9am to noon
Probably need about 20 more volunteers for the event
Women’s Dessert at Nancy’s tomorrow night at 730
Nice time for the ladies of the rock to come together
Meet new people and fellowship and laugh and hang out
Agora Thursday May 17th
Talk to me or Chrissy
Reaching out to pre-kids group and fellowship


I told them if they show pictures of the Barnreuther’s people would be bummed out
And I heard an audible groan
It sucks when people move away
Let’s make a rule about no more of that
I wanna thank Jon for letting me speak on potluck night
It’s like opening for a really good band
Talking about temptation what pops into your head
This picture of a woman and an apple is the first Google image result
Only briefly talk about dessert – maybe that’s what you think about
Maybe you think of The Temptations (if that’s all, we have a lot of ground to cover)
I was going to play one of their songs, but I couldn’t pick between My Girl and Papa Was A rolling Stone

James 1:14

A sin baby is conceived and it grows up and kills you
That’s the imagery James is conjuring
The other thing I think about is Jesus being tempted in the desert

Matthew 4:1-11

By overview, we have an enemy
Sometimes people say its metaphorical
The bible makes it very explicit
God is looking out for you and there is an enemy
He’s not cute with red horns and a bifurcated tail
He’s evil
Not doing a fire and brimstone sermon, but we need to agree on that evil presence up front
Everything bad that happens isn’t the devil – I got sick, it’s the devil
He is most often known as a deceiver

First thing he tempts Jesus with is turning stone to bread
Two times I can think of where Jesus is offered the opportunity to use His supernatural powers for Himself: here and the cross
When the enemy comes to tempt us, he’s going to offer things that are for your immediate benefit, they may even hurt people down the road
Middle school teach named Jimmie D
One hundred and seventy years old
Difference between hungry and hongary
I think Jesus was hongary
Satan brought Jesus something that was good at a bad time
Lets get sex as a temptation out of the way
It’s a good thing, but there are times when it would be bad, where it will hurt
I highly recommend The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis
Letters between a senior demon and a lower tempter

Media fast by leaving my phone in the room for a day
I was in Vegas, so it wasn’t a sensory overload fast
Checking it to see how important I was
The phone is not a bad thing, but understand that we’re tented by good things
Telling someone else’s story
Communicate as a community
We love telling bad news, just look at Facebook where people trip all over each other to be the “first”
We do that in our lives too
Second thing is to jump off a high place and let god send His angels to protect
Wait, the devil is using scripture? I though that was our weapon
We’re not fencing with the devil
This isn’t rules and gentlemanly conduct
Refute bad, out of context scripture with your own knowledge of scripture
Having been married for five years, I can say this
My wife and I can make each other feel the absolute best or worst about ourselves

Encourage your patient to dislike the lift of his mothers eyebrow that he learned to dislike in the nursery

In my childhood prayers I used to end my prayers by rebuking the devil
Until I told my mom and she said don’t ever talk to the devil voluntarily
God is lifted up when we act in accordance with who He is
Same thing happens with the devil
Two ways in this world: Gods way and the enemy’s way
I am tempted to open my mouth and say things
Extra line in an argument
Twist and bend the truth to protect myself
To be lazy
Buy things I don’t need and can’t afford
Go back and twist the wording
The enemy wins when I feel like it would be good to get in one last shot in an argument
He wins when I’m lazy, when I do nothing
Temptation is a topic for a men’s retreat, probably about sex or pornography
Gossip is a good glue for this relationship
I don’t have to report all my income
The original: God doesn’t really mean what He says
God can’t make you happy
You can’t be happy married to one person
When you act on an urge, that’s the strongest slavery there is
How do we combat temptation
Bible says if we resist the devil he shall flee from us
Just go through the process of what happens if I do this
Who’s hurt if I don’t do this
James talks about the sin baby that grows up and gives birth to death
Story that came from Uganda a few months ago
Started with a controlled fire that they were using to clean up crops
It got out of control and burned down one famiy’s house and their neighbors house
Is there a controlled fire that you have burning in your background? That you keep saying “I’ve got this under control?”
We used to spray wd40 on matches
One time my friend and I started a forest fire and we had to go get his dad
I wasn’t going to tell this story, but now I am
I had two friends in the space of a week who got caught in the same prostitution sting in Nashville
One friend is a good man, an educator
They didn’t just wake up one day and think I want a prostitute
The baby was conceived, the baby grew up, and the baby brought death
It starts with little things
The last thing that happened to Jesus was the angels bringing Him delicious, succulent food (probably better than bread)
1 Corinthians 10:13
God provides a way out when He permits temptation
Ephesians says put on you’re full armor, not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual evils of the world
Let’s enjoy our potluck
Eat the desserts, despite what I just said

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