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The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul Announcements by Katie Short video to show about last year’s VBS We have VBS July 9, 11, 13 9am to noon Probably need about 20 more volunteers for the event Women’s Dessert at Nancy’s tomorrow night at 730 Nice time for the ladies of the rock to come together Meet new people and fellowship and laugh and hang out Agora Thursday May 17th Talk to me or Chrissy Reaching out to pre-kids group and fellowship Paul I told them if they show pictures of the Barnreuther’s people would be bummed out And I heard an audible groan It sucks when people move away Let’s make a rule about no more of that I wanna thank Jon for letting me speak on potluck night It’s like opening for a really good band Talking about temptation what pops into your head This picture of a woman and an apple is the … Continue reading →