The Rock Church Worship Service

Lord Let Your Glory Fall (You are good, today)
I realized 5 minutes ago that I didn’t like any of the songs I had prepared, so it’s going to be one of those nights
Anthem To The King
Lay your love down (???)
Revelation Song (Worthy is the lamb who was slain)
One Thing Remains (Higher than the mountains that I face)
Your Love Never Fails (You make all things work together for my good)
God Of This City (Greater things have yet to come)
Forever Reign (Oh I'm running to your arms, My heart will sing no other name)
Majesty (Here I am, now I've found)


Stoakia tocosmo – Basic elements of the earth

No other gods before me and no graven images

Martin Luther’s thesis on Galatians
3-10 are rooted in 1 and 2
All leads back to idolatry and what’s going on in our hearts

Tim Keller
Time, energy, passion, money, these things are all gifts, but they can turn into idol factories
None of these basic elements, these gifts cannot hold us up, they’re finite
Any of these things can enslave us
Transitioning from being irreligious to being REALLY religious
We all have religious impulses that say “there must be something I can do to receive God’s favor”
The Gospel says that there’s nothing but trusting in Jesus

Enslaved actually translates to over-desire
Over desire comes from lust, we think addiction, but it’s so much more

We all need acceptance!
That’s how you make friends. I’m never going to another seminar.

Functional title to my heart = like car title?

You’ll know it’s an idol if, when it’s taken away, you get really angry and defensive

When I miss the mark and let idols take over, God doesn’t love me any less
Counter- intuitive message

When you boast, boast in Christ
This song is about setting Christ as the object of your obsession to follow, to chase, to reach
One Pure And Holy Passion (Give me one pure and holy passion)

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