[My Reaction To Empire’s] 40 Movies You (Probably) Didn’t Know Were Comic Books

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So after a friend posted this article and I started reading it, I almost immediately knew I wanted to tally my scores. But then above and beyond that, my wifey and I actually started arguing about the authenticity of this list! She started questioning it at “Over The Hedge” (comic strip vs. comic book) but it really got crazy at “The Fountain” (she felt that if it was always intended to be a movie, then what’s to keep this list from saying that “you probably didn’t know that Pride & Prejudice was a comic book” (which it is)).

Being a pig-headed boy, it took me a while to understand her argument, but when I finally did get it, I heartily agreed with her. But I still wanted to tally my scores, so, without further ado: the categories for scoring and the numbers on the list!

Films I didn’t know were based on comic books: 15 / 40 (1 9 10 14 17 18 19 21 23 24 26 29 34 35 39)

Films I knew were based on comic books: 10 / 40 (3 4 5 6 8 15 16 20 28 31)

Creative properties I have never heard of: 15 / 40 (2 7 11 12 13 22 25 27 30 32 33 36 37 38 40)

#1 Weird Science – Never saw the film, but I’ve heard of it and did not know it’s deepest roots had a comic book link.

#2 Whiteout – Never heard of it at all, but what an interesting concept! Based on the description here, I’m intrigued enough to want to investigate both mediums!

#3 RIPD – Knew it was a comic book, and very much enjoyed the movie, so this serves as a good reminder to check out the source material.

#4 Rocketeer – Knew it was based on a comic book (I still have an old 3-D comic book version of the movie story), but wait, what? This says the comic has been running from ’89 to the present?! MUST PROCURE!!!

#5 Over The Hedge – Yeah, I knew it was adapted. And I had issues with it. :-p And hey wait, this is a newspaper comic strip, not a comic book…

#6 Annie – Huh. I thought everybody knew that it was a comic strip! And hey wait, that’s not really a “comic book”, so why is it on this list?

#7 The Extraordinary Adventures Of Adèle Blanc-Sec – This sounds AMAZING and I’ve never heard about it! I’m looking forward to observing the content in both mediums (especially since I’m a Luc Besson fan)!

#8 Wanted – Knew it was a comic book, and the book was better than the movie. :-p

#9 Surrogates – Huh. I didn’t know it was a comic book and am quite interested in reading the original!

#10 Road To Perdition – In the “didn’t know” category because I originally saw the film with no knowledge of it’s source.

#11 Gainsbourg – Never heard of it!

#12 Timecop – Never heard of it (aside from potentially maybe seeing the movie poster while driving past a Blockbuster years ago).

#13 Barb Wire – Never heard of it.

#14 The Fountain – The story for this blows my mind! I had no idea and must procure this graphic novel IMMEDIATELY.

#15 The Addams Family – Again, I thought everybody knew it was a comic from the New Yorker. And again, how is that a “comic book”???

#16 From Hell – Knew it, but have never actually observed either medium.

#17 Oblivion – The trailers intrigued me, but I missed it in theatres. But again the graphic novel as a film pitch thing is fascinating and I want both!

#18 A History Of Violence – Didn’t know.

#19 Alien Vs. Predator – Didn’t know (although I think I’ve heard of the old console game), but that’s actually kind of cool to see two separate films get mashed up in a comic book and then turned into a movie again!

#20 Men In Black – Knew it, but this serves as another reminder that I want to check out the source material.

#21 Mystery Men – Didn’t know it, but it seems a bit of a stretch, no?

#22 Virus – Never heard of it.

#23 2 Guns – Didn’t know. And huh. Here I was so interested in the movie. Intriguing…

#24 Sabrina The Teenage Witch – Huh! I didn’t know she was an Archie spin-off thing! That’s kind of cool!

#25 Snowpiercer – Never heard of it. And while I’m not too interested in the book, color me intrigued about the film (based on the cast).

#26 Bulletproof Monk – Didn’t know it was a comic book, but I remember enjoying the movie very much.

#27 Tamara Drewe – Never heard about it, ditto #25.

#28 Cowboys & Aliens – Knew about it, ditto #20.

#29 Ghost World – Didn’t know, ditto #25.

#30 Red Sonja – In a rare twist, I’ve heard of the comic book but never about the film adaptation!

#31 Push – OH MY GOODNESS YES!!! Sorry, I was a big fan of the comic book and enjoyed the movie as well.

#32 Barbarella – Never heard of it.

#33 Diabolik – Never heard of it, but I am intrigued by both mediums.

#34 30 Days Of Night – Didn’t know it.

#35 The Mask – didn’t know upon first viewing that it was a comic. reminder to check out the source though.

#36 Howard The Duck – Never heard of it, ditto #30.

#37 Blue Is The Warmest Color – Never heard of it.

#38 Bullet To The Head – Never heard of it.

#39 Richie Rich – Didn’t know it was a comic book, loved the movie though. Course I’m a 90’s child, so that’s my excuse? :-p

#40 Oldboy – Never heard of it.

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