Judge orders RunDisney The Animated Series to release an official timeline

Fun! Kind of silly, but still!

Innnnteresting. Some friends were having a discussion recently about some sort of RunDisney hub-bub, and I wonder if some (any) of the concerns are addressed/explained by this rumor.

UPDATE – 18th October 2017

My wife reminded me that there is some additional, political context to this issue in the current battle between Disney and the Anaheim City Council. The L.A. Times did a good job breaking down the situation in their two-part article here:

Is Disney paying its share in Anaheim? The money battle outside the Happiest Place on Earth – Los Angeles Times

Um….okay? I didn’t know this was such a big deal. Then again, I took Tony Stark’s “not bloggers” line as it was intended…as his heavy dose of sarcasm…and not as some sort of insult to those who identify as professional bloggers. By the way, that whole thing really surprises me: how does anybody survive on the internet without developing even a slightly thicker skin?

Huh. Looks like all my idle comments about this getting remastered put positive energy into the world. Now for the follow-up announcement of it coming to Netflix and watching the Internet break. 😉

I don’t know why, but I love the judge’s use of the word rummage. Also, here’s the latest news from the blog of the company I work for (“The End of the Road – DreamHost.blog“).

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