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Star Wars Saga Problems

Ok, we’re not going to go into what went wrong (or right) with acting jobs (although the majority of what I’ve heard is that Ian McDiarmid and Ewan McGregor were incredible and that Hayden was either good or bad (people are polarized about him)…frankly, I enjoyed him (but I enjoyed the whole prequel trilogy, so there)), but rather what went wrong with the prequel and classic melding. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of it went right, but I’ve found…well I don’t know what to call them… Lucas may have had the broad story arc of Anakin Skywalker down by the time he finished The Empire Strikes Back, but there are still some curious questions. Or at least two of them. Actually I think I succeeded in answering both of them. Oh well…it’s still a good read. 1) When Yoda comments that Luke is too much like his father, “much … Continue reading →

Kingdom Of Heaven

This movie was incredible. I found out about it strictly as Orlando Bloom’s next project after Pirates and the more I found out about it, the more excited I got. I especially hope it gets the kind of adoration that Ridley Scott’s last epic got (Gladiator was a well loved “sword and sandal epic” that inspired many knock-offs including Troy and Alexander). What’s interesting is that 20th Century Fox played up the “directed by Ridley Scott” aspect in hopes that the Gladiator-fans would come back to theatres in great numbers. But what’s also great is that this is not just a warrior epic (can’t call it a sword and sandal epic because it’s more about knights than Romans), but a religious epic…(gee, hence the title Kingdom of Heaven). The movie details the defense of Jerusalem by Christians from Muslims. There was also a bit of a pre-release news story where … Continue reading →

Pocahontas Special Edition

5/23/05 I’m adding a link to a JimHillMedia.com article (by Jim Hill himself no less) that discusses the movies sordid history in his fantastically long-winded style…or at least I think it’s fantastic… Another thought about special editions is how these DVD’s include the option to view the original and special editions…films like Star Wars don’t even include that option…but the only thing George screwed up (in my opinion) was the “Greedo shooting first bit” (and I understand why George did that (to prevent Han from being perceived as a cold-blooded killer, which he wasn’t anyways because Greedo was going to kill him!), but it was unnecessary…you’re telling me that an expert bounty hunter misses a guy who was 3 feet in front of him?! Or that Han’s minute head movement avoided the blast?! Come on…)…everything else helps bridge that 30-year jump in technology you see when you watch the films … Continue reading →

The Incredibles

This movie is amazing. Brad Bird (voice of Edna Mode/director of The Iron Giant) writes and directs this refreshing bit of superhero flick, infusing it with plenty of heart and tons of laughs. And he does it all while mocking the superhero culture founded in comic books. Like how villains will “monologue” about their greatness while the hero plots his escape. Or how capes on costumes are a BAD idea. But it takes it all a step further by beginning with the premise that all heroes have been relocated by the government because the people they rescued started suing them for medical damages. So now it’s government agent Rick Dicker’s job (voiced by Bud Luckey (more on him later)) to help manage their secret identities. Of course with superheroes out of a job, that puts their costumer, Edna Mode, out of a job. Naturally she switches to super models…but it’s … Continue reading →

Team America World Police

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are two funny, funny, funny, (very sick), funny guys. It wasn’t enough for them to star in a David Zucker film that mocks the national sports scene and then turn their still-strong legacy of South Park into a movie that makes fun of everybody’s favorite dictator (Saddam Hussein). Oh no. They had to go and comment on the post-9/11 world in a movie that provides laughs on the scale of 9/11 times 1,000. That’s right…911,000 laughs. Or as Kim-Jong-Il says, 9/11 times 256,342 which is…my God, I don’t even know how much that is. No one does! HAHAHAHAHA! Anyways, back to the review. This movie really takes the art of puppeteers and the genre of political satire to a whole new level. I mean, political satire has always been done through comedy, but never comedy this absurd. And if you look through all that, there’s … Continue reading →

Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow

This movie was a lot of fun. I knew I would enjoy it the instant I saw the trailer. But then I had to sit around and wait for it’s Summer 2004….I mean September 2004 release (oops). But the wait (obviously due to under-performance fears i.e. Spider-Man 2) was well worth it . Written and directed by Kerry Conran, it contains that rare blend of vision and execution. Usually when you get six or seven people involved in the artistic vision of a picture, you end up with more style on the cutting room floor than on the screen. But with writers helming their films, the movie seems to carry a much more personal message, making the viewing experience that much more enjoyable…whether or not it succeeds at the box office just doesn’t matter. Reminiscent of the pulp comics of the early 20th century with it’s almost water-colored effects, the … Continue reading →