The Rock Covenant Church

The Rock Church Worship Service

The Desert Song
Grateful Ones
Forever Yours (love came down and rescued me)
Thank You
Great Is Thy Faithfulness

There’s a lot going on tonight
After service is potluck, Thanksgiving tradition
Renee is here tonight and she is going to talk about adoption and foster cares
Advent conspiracy is about reexamining how we celebrate Christmas in our community
That’s why the tree is upside down, we’re flipping the traditional celebration omit s head
Katie came up with a great idea where we take our ideas for this and write them on little ornament papers and pin them on the tree
True confessions: ever go to church hungry and get to communion and you’re wondering “how large a chunk can I pull off?”
The early church didn’t have that problem because communion for them was about coming together for a meal
This is from Acts, right after the Pentecost

Devoted to their shared meals
They shared food with gladness and simplicity
Renee is up next, but first a video on the group she’s here to talk about: Olive Crest

It’s good to be home
This is where I came to Jesus
This is national adoption month
Michael Dukakis started it as governor, Reagan extended it to a week, Clinton extended it to a month
Jon asked me to not just give information but also share my heart
Without the church, as the video mentioned, what happens to these kids is pretty bleak
Research shows that if these kids who have exited the foster care system with a permanent connection have a much better chance of graduating high school
Also here to talk about Safe Families, brought Noel with me
Communicating with families in need or going through a rough patch

What I need is a volunteer willing to come up here and pray for adoption month
Thanks Jolene
We believe that God is moving and speaking today

Eating isn’t just something we do as a basic need, we practice sharing the meal with one another
We’re saying we need the grace of God just as much as you need the grace of God
I’ve been reading Colossians chapter 1 this week
As we’ve been going through Mark, this week we got to the bit where Jesus’ family thinks He’s crazy and the Pharisees think He’s demon-possessed
And that’s a bit much for this week before we eat
So can I assign you a reading to prepare for next week?
Mark 3:20-25

He Himself is before all things and before Him all things hold together

Jesus holds all things together
As I see people’s lives unraveling, Jesus holds all things together
And we rest in that
He holds your family, your finances, your dreams together
And we can trust in that tonight
He is the one sustaining life
He cares for you and your heart and will always, ALWAYS be with you

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