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The Rock Covenant Church

The Rock Church Worship Service

Paul Maria There’s a lot going on tonight After service is potluck, Thanksgiving tradition Renee is here tonight and she is going to talk about adoption and foster cares Advent conspiracy is about reexamining how we celebrate Christmas in our community That’s why the tree is upside down, we’re flipping the traditional celebration omit s head Katie came up with a great idea where we take our ideas for this and write them on little ornament papers and pin them on the tree True confessions: ever go to church hungry and get to communion and you’re wondering “how large a chunk can I pull off?” The early church didn’t have that problem because communion for them was about coming together for a meal This is from Acts, right after the Pentecost Devoted to their shared meals They shared food with gladness and simplicity Renee is up next, but first a … Continue reading →